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  2. Hi Can you please help me get verification code for identity so I can get back to my wallet please I still have the secret phrases I just need another way to get the verification code to access my funds Can you help me with the code please Hope to hearing from you
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  4. Am făcut update la aplicație și la relogare îmi cere propoziția secreta care nu o mai știu. Nemaiavând o aplicație ață de complexa nu reținut fraza. Nu vreau sa rămân păgubaș de banii investiți. Aștept răspunsul dumneavoastră. Mulțumesc
  5. Buna, Soldul wallet-ului meu nu se incarca. Aplicatia pare blocata. Am ultimul update din 10 iunie. Are alticineva problema asta? Anda
  6. I have imported some EGLD from wallet.elrond.com into maiar without any problem. Then I have put some eth into maiar. No problem. Is there any "connection" between the eth address stored in maiar and wallet.elrond.com? It seems that only the EGLD address is seen on both sides ; the other address like eth only belong to maiar. Could you confirm that the eth address in maiar only belong to the maiar wallet and not the elrond wallet (wallet.elrond.com)? Thanks.
  7. Hello Elrond community members. I just wanted to know about changing staking providers. I would like to know if when I unstake from one provider can I restake it straight away or do I have to wait for the 10 day period for withdrawls to be over. I would like to just unstake from one and stake straight away into another if you know what I mean but am wondering if the ten day period after unstaking will stop me from doing this. Thank you guys in advance
  8. Hi Beniamin were at the same business summit "BRAND MINDS" 25th 27th September 2020 with Gary Vaynerchuk.I think I don't need to introduce who is Gary,he is one of the best US investors and enterpreneur, followed by millions on social media. On 5th May 2021, Gary launched his own NFT website https://veefriends.com/I would be very happy to see a collaboration between VeeFriend and ElrondIf you can convince Gary, to integrate VeeFriend on Elrond (Maiar NFT), this going to give Maiar and Elrond a big opportunity to massive adoption, because when Gary talk about something or do something
  9. I wholeheartedly back the sentiment expressed in this post. Many of us who are, for example, iOS developers, or hindered and expressing very creative ideas because of the extraneous knowledge required to actualize apps that use block chain as the base of the app. Once integration is made in a functionally simple manner, expression of creativity and the subsequent explosion of the Elrond ecosystem will be stunning.
  10. Hi, I’m working on integrating a Maiar login flow on my app. Is there a way to get an invite so that I can test it on the testnet instead of using my mainnet account ?
  11. Hi, I am working on a dapp and looking for a way to test the Maiar login flow on the test net. Is there a way to get an uvule for the private beta ?
  12. Same issue as everyone else. I deleted and restored Maiar wallet and now it says phone number is invalid. I can’t log in to unlink the old number now so the Maiar wallet is unusable. Please find a solution or create another method of creating a new account on the same phone.
  13. We cant access this option if we cannot sign in to the wallet...!
  14. Same for me too. Created a wallet on my phone a while ago but never used it and must have deleted the revocery phrase. Tryiong to set another one up now but I cant unlink my phone number from the redundant wallet so I stuck Asked a support rep who told me to 'try creating a new wallet' ... No sh!t sherlock thats what Im being prevented from doing ....
  15. What seems to be the problem Do you have your 24 recovery seed phrase 🤔 If you do you can recover your account in Elrond web wallet Go to access wallet, recover existing wallet If you are still stuck reach out to our Maiar Telegram group https://t.me/MaiarApp https://wallet.elrond.com/unlock/keystore
  16. Imagine giving developers an integration library that they can use in their applications. This will skyrocket the adoption now and not next year. I imagine something like GoogleFirebase libraries (https://rnfirebase.io/) but it would be nice if it could be used with Expo and not having to do multiple hacks in order to be used on Android and IOS. It should just work. Also it should contain some basic functionality - authenticate using Maiar - deploy contract. - sign smart contract transaction - send egld to someone End to end instructions on how this should be used should also be
  17. Hi I fixed this issue, you need to make sure you have some EGLD in your wallet available to pay the transaction fees to claim the rewards.
  18. I have the same problem even in PC. After I put my keystore and password, i could still not able to log-in. it's just keep on asking to log-in again.
  19. I will let you know if I receive a reply from them aswell.
  20. soon a week and no response from the staff I will soon initiate proceedings
  21. my money has been blocked for 4 days now and unable to contact their service, this is inadmissible
  22. having this exact same issue
  23. impossible to recover my egld stacker even after ten days of waiting. when I click on the recover button here is the message that appears: transaction error thank you for your answer it's been three days since its last
  24. The Maiar app has 'stickers' as we all know. Upon the launch of the DeFi release version, upgrade the 'stickers' by being able to convert them to NFTs within each Maiar wallet. These NFTs may include such benefits as: Airdrops, bonus staking modifiers, reduced staking unlock times, lotteries etc. (There's endless possibilities here to adapt NFTs into the Maiar space) These stickers must be say 30 days old, and LOCKED to that specific account. This prevents abuse and unfairness (people creating multiple accounts and sending eGld between them to 'farm' the NFTs). A lot more tho
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