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  3. I support this feature request. This would help me immensely with doing my taxes, when it comes to staking :)
  4. I just changed my phone to a Huaweri P40 lite but this is coming without Google playstore. I managed to install Maiar on my new phone by using the phone clone option but I will not be able to receive the new updates on Maiar. My question are. 1. is there any plan to add maiar to Huawei AppGallery store? 2. can I update the app by using the new .apk file? if yes, where can I get it from? Thanks.
  5. New Maiar Release and NEW FIAT ON-RAMP: TRANSAK!The latest Maiar release adds Transak as fiat on-ramp. This is complementary to MoonPay and offers additional options for payments, such as bank transfers. Digital banking platforms such as Revolut can be used with Transak to purchase EGLD with a near instant bank transfer - check out this community guide: https://medium.com/@disruptivedigital/fastest-and-smartest-way-to-buy-elrond-erd-d4ac9b7b55b2. Android V1.0.50 • Added bank transfers for the supported countries• Updated Wallet Backup• Updated Amount selector screen• Fixed em
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  7. Hello, I'm contacting you because I can't install the Maiar application on my phone, the application doesn't appear in the PlayStore and when I use the link on the website, I get this message "your phone is not compatible with this application". I don't understand why because I have a recent Android 9.0 phone (Duoduogo j5+) . Can you help me? Thank you for your help, Sincerely CruxCrypto EGLD Holder Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  8. nevermind i've found the problem. thx
  9. Hi, I'm new to this comunity, and I want to create an account on the mobile app but i can't pass the 'Enter your mobile number to get started' i get same error "Phone number is not valid or already exist" apart of what format i've tried.
  10. dsa

    Limita cont 0

    Salutare, Am instalat aplicatia si tot incercat sa cumpar egld... din pacate de prea multe ori, tot cu erori - ba de modificat limita de tranzactii online a cardului + de trimis diverse documente pentru confirmare adresa. Sigur am gresit ceva la un moment dat pentru ca limita apare 0. Am incercat sa contactez suportu din aplicatie dar nici un raspuns de ceva vreme, dupa care am contactat suportul de la moonpay de pe site si am primit mail automat cu "we are unable to continue to have you as a MoonPay customer". Este vreo varianta de confirmare a contului sau sa il pot folosi? Multume
  11. We have added the unlink option in Settings, so now you can unlink a wallet from a phone number.
  12. Cauzele posibile pentru diferența dintre suma estimată și suma finală primită: 📊 Slippage - diferența dintre prețul așteptat al EGLD-ului și prețul real la care a fost cumpărat 💹 Volatilitate - prețul EGLD a fluctuat între momentul în care ați achiziționat și momentul în care banii dumneavoastră au ajuns la partenerul nostru de plăți
  13. Probabil ca nu completezi și partea de MEMO. Câmpul NOTE sau MEMO în cazul transferului către Binance trebuie sa conțină și un id oferit de Binance, specific fiecărui cont.
  14. Campul Note poate fi folosit și pt. MEMO. Între timp în cazul la BNB s-a făcut un update sa fie redenumit câmpul NOTE în MEMO pt. claritate.
  15. My idea is this: When I select someone's phone number who hasn't joined Maiar, an I'd like to send them money, then a message, similar to the message sent to invite someone to Maiar, pops up, and they can install their app, and also accept the eGLD that I send them. This way, there's a huge incentive for them to join, because their money is waiting for them. This actually happened today. I have a dog groomer, and she is into crypto. She didn't know about eGLD and Maiar, and wanted to learn more. She said she'll join soon. I plan to send her her tip via Maiar app, and in eGLD so she
  16. Hi. I have tried to transfer to my wallet from Elrond 10 EGLD, from TradeSilvania account and it shows me that the transaction failed, in My Mayar app. Can someone help me pls ? Thx.
  17. Ivy


    I’m curious as to when staking for eGold & other crypto’s will be available through the app? [>$10 eGold Referral Code: 5nz4hymh7z]
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  19. dragosv

    Adăugare MEMO

    Da. Cred ca la nimeni nu exista campul pentru MEMO
  20. UP! Aceeași problema.
  21. Just a suggestion: It would be great if our team is considering Maiar as payment app and could add big giants just like UTK is adding. Maiar interface is one of the great and it would change the equations in the industry. Atleast we can expect the payments for Walmart, Amazon, Shopify, Spotify and other well known giants. I am also confident that there will be some news regarding this for sure. Again, thank you Team for the revolutionary app.
  22. Any news on when this will be rolled out? This is the single most important feature that is keeping me from re-installing Maiar. I have all my eGold in Elrond Wallet, most of it delegated + some spare change. I don't need the wallet in Maiar, so I see no use for the app. I want to use the same one on both apps. Keep things nice and simple. Thank you!
  23. Nu stiu daca s a mai discutat sau a mai venit cineva cu ideea asta dar acuma de dimineata am avut o epifanie. Desigur mai pot fi adaugate multe alte lucruri la ceea ce am scris eu dar o trimit asa la cald. Maiar project for gaming Se refera la un joc real, gen fotbal sau alte activitati sportive, sau esports/games. In principiu ar trebui sa fie o functie sau un smart contract care sa permita utilizatorilor participanti intr-un joc sa execute o tranzactie in care sa depuna o suma (in principiu egala intre utilizatori). Ulterior, adica la sfarsitul jocului castigatorul sa
  24. Since 6 days i ain't got the same amount of Egld on my walet. it changed down to 0.5%. How it's possible . I did nothing? Thx.
  25. Hey, guys ! thank you for answering Got another question on this. If your 24 work phrase comes from a wallet created via maiar or elrond web wallet, that I guess it's fine. But what if we got a web wallet created via a ledger ? we're not really supposed to enter ledger's 24 work phrase anywhere. How can we connect this web wallet created via a ledger, to maiar, without violating ledger's 24 work phrase security policy? Thank you very much,
  26. Hello! I don't know if this feedback has been reported or not but there's something not convenient on Maiar. When there's a transaction done, the equivalent price in dollars is displayed (in the "Activity" part). However this information keeps changing-since the egld price in dollars changes as well. I think it's better to have this value as being a fix value, otherwise doing accounting is impossible.
  27. I set up the app on my phone . Everything was all good until the set up for Moonpay - said I had to go through other exchanges . (Crypto.com, coinbase custody, binance.US) why does it not work? Is it because I am in the US?
  28. Shortly, if we cannot import web walltet to maiar wallet , then we import maiar wallet to web wallet
  29. I already solve that issue. 1. from the web wallet send coins to phone maiar wallet (there are 2 different walets). Now on the web wallet there are no coins. Assuming that you create a new maiar wallet without import 2. Acces web wallet and there push Recover wallet (and now complete the 24 word) and voila , you can acces you wallet from maiar and from the web Let me know if you succeeded !
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