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  2. Hello, I’ve enjoyed my interaction with the Maiar wallet thus far and everything has ran VERY smoothly. The compound interest is a major plus in my book. One topic I would like to bring up is the MEX airdrop. Ive noticed EGLD is very new and now currently 9-16-21 adoption of the coin is really ramping up. Several (ALOT) of new users missed out on the opportunity. Will there be another round of MEX claims? If not weekly, monthly? It would give even more incentive for new to the space users to discover and/or use $EGLD and $MEX. The store of value asset $EGLD has been dubbed as, is appealing to
  3. Nevermind, I didn't have the last update 🤗
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  5. Hello, After logging in Dex or Wallet with Maiar App and I want to make a transaction, it would be nice to receive a dropdown notification on the phone for "Confirm Transaction" if the Maiar is running in background. 🤗 Thanks!
  6. In recent times, massive audiences indulge in crypto business activities to yield a passive income. The crypto platform holds the beneficial properties of supporting multiple business options to generate revenue such as crypto crowdfunding, Trading, Crypto art, gaming, and more. As per the current scenario in the crypto space, NFT emerges to be a growing business sector. Non Fungible tokens can be created in forms of art, game items, videos, etc. Non fungible tokens can be traded effectively in the crypto marketplace. The Non-fungible tokens can be created on the effective Tron block
  7. Hello peeps, Hope you all are doing great In Recent days, terms like Cryptocurrency Exchange Script / White Label Bitcoin Exchange Script are spreading thick and fast among the businesspeople & crypto entrepreneurs. Some of you might know what a cryptocurrency exchange script is, its uses & functionalities. But few entrepreneurs & budding startups are not aware of what it is exactly. For those folks, here I’ve given a brief intro about Cryptocurrency Exchange Script, check this out. What is White Label Bitcoin Exchange Script??? Cryptocurrency Exchange Script / Whi
  8. Cum de pot retrage banii din fond? Ce aplicatie trebuie instalata pentru aceasta operatiune?
  9. Oana


    How can I recover a transaction I didn't want to initiate?!
  10. Recently in the crypto community, one startup asked - “Why should I opt for crypto exchange business in the blockchain/crypto ecosystem? while there are many other business gates available in the crypto/blockchain space" I would say this is completely natural for many entrepreneurs to raise queries like this. The thing is, not all crypto/blockchain businesses are 100% profit-inducing business models. Even though some yield profits, only a few are generating passive income for the business owners. Despite all, the Cryptocurrency Exchange Business stays at the top of the list. You
  11. Hello Entrepreneurs, In recent days, many crypto traders are prefering to trade or exchange their digital assets in the P2P crypto exchanges. Do you know why the traders are using the P2P crypto exchange instead of using the general crypto exchange like (Binance, Coinbase)? Here are some reasons. Check it below. No need to pay extra money in the name of trading fee User to User transaction Private & Secured (No need to share their user & password) No middle man & so on. These are some reasons for traders using P2P
  12. How do I delete the contacts from the app?
  13. port_fore.webp port_back.webp logo-ideal.svg 20210831_044136.heic
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  15. The crypto space is a propitious solution for global users in order to generate passive income. As per the current scenario, most users find interest to indulge in crypto-based activities to make the best outcome. The crypto platform supports multiple business options of supporting crypto crowdfunding, Trading, and more. Crypto token creation is one of the prominent business activities carried out in the crypto space. As the user can create a crypto token and can trade it effectively in a crypto business network to yield profit. In fact, the crypto tokens contain a unit of value sim
  16. Expected behaviour: swap EGLD for BUSD or MEX pair Result Insufficient funds when signing the transaction (Brave browser, Elrond wallet)
  17. Pancakeswap is being in hype because it is build on the binance smart chain and liquidity and also the use of BEP20 token. Pancakeswap clone script is the imitation of the original pancakeswap with developed additional features and functionalities. Pancakeswap clone script is a multi tested, bug-free solution with a customizable solution. Features are customizable in pancakeswap, that is features can be modified based on the client requirement. It is an automated market making mechanism, buy and sell order takes place automatically without an order book. Features of Pancakeswap clo
  18. Rarible clone script helps to build a decentralized NFT marketplace and minting platform which allows digital artists and creators to buy, sell and issue custom crypto assets with blockchain technology that represent ownership in their digital work. Coinjoker a leading Non Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace development company offers high scalable rarible clone script that aids you to create and sell NFT collectibles at digital art marketplace. Features of Rarible Clone Script Blockchain Powered Rarible clone script is empowered with blockchain technology Search Mechanism Trade
  19. OpenSea Clone helps to create a decentralized exchange on Ethereum platform resembles similar to opensea where users can exchange their tokens. Opensea Clone triggers Over the Counter(OTC) trading so the users can immediately bid for digital items owned by another user. Coinjoker creates Opensea clone development using smart contracts that has unique identifying information which avoids duplication of same token. We build Customized and Scalable OpenSea Clone Script with Dynamic features enhances your trading experience in better way. It also offers an intuitive and code-free way to creat
  20. As per the current scenario, the crypto space has been stated to be a fine resource for business aspirants to generate a passive income. The crypto platform holds the nurturing value of supporting multiple business options. The crypto market remains to be a stable and secure zone for massive users to gain the best outcome which in fact ease out the money-making process into more simple and effective. Crypto token creation is one of the prominent processes carried out in the crypto space. The crypto tokens is a unit of value that can be traded in the crypto zone. The crypto space comprises
  21. Paxful is a global P2P cryptocurrency trading platform that allows millions of users to trade securely with 300+ payment options. the prime benefit of Paxful P2P crypto exchange is to eliminate the intermediate from trading. Now the question is how do you develop a P2P crypto exchange like Paxful? The best and efficient solution is the Paxful clone script. Paxful clone script is ready to use the P2P crypto exchange script integrated with all essential features. with the help of the Paxful clone script, anyone can develop a P2P crypto exchange like Paxful within a short
  22. Wow. A very interesting blog related to the LocalBitcoins script which I stumbled upon. Also, I would agree with few things said in it. Anyways thanks for the blog. Will share it with my peers and friends. Cheers.
  23. As per the current scenario, the crypto platform emerges to be a fine medium to generate a passive income. The money-making opportunities are great in the crypto platforms as the users can invest in crypto tokens by indulging in business activities such as crypto crowdfunding, trading, gaming, art, and more. However, crypto crowdfunding is a fine option to raise capital for business projects.The security token offering is an improved crowdfunding platform in the crypto network. The STO platform is an advanced crowdfunding platform supporting a real-time asset value for token creation. The STO
  24. After a long run of a crypto bear market, now it is slowly rising to the bull market. Yes, now the cryptocurrency market is back to a stable position. This is the right time for crypto startups & entrepreneurs to launch their own crypto exchange platform. Generally, all business people know “Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script” is one of the safest & cost-efficient ways to launch a crypto exchange platform. But they must aware of “which is the trending crypto exchange clone script in 2021 crypto marketplace right now???”. So I did some groundwork to find the top trending bitcoin excha
  25. In general, most of the users have a common thought of generating a passive income. The crypto platform persists to be a lucrative zone to yield a profit at a regular time interval. The crypto platform has been covered with the multifarious option for money-making of supporting crypto crowdfunding, Trading, Crypto art, etc. While speaking of crypto crowdfunding, an Initial coin offering marks to be an ideal solution to raise funds for business projects. The Initial coin offering is a fine medium for startups and entrepreneurs to yield good outcomes. By using the ICO platform the user can
  26. This is NOT true. I un staked well over ten days ago now (August 16th) and my EGLD is still locked.
  27. In Maiar, having the ability to filter through transactions would be amazing. So when I only want to view my "sent" transactions I can do so. Or just withdrawal transactions. I think this will make the experience a lot better. Another feature that would be nice to have is the ability to re-arrange wallets. Sometimes I want my first two wallets to be egld and BTC instead of egld and BNB. I think this would be a simple and nice feature to have as well And lastly, being able to change herotags would be cool. I'm not sure the tech behind it that it would be possible to change
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