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  2. Bonjour, Lorsque je désire me connecter sur la maiar exchange en validant avec mon application, je ne retrouve pas mes EGLD, il est donc impossible pour moi de commencer le 'farm'. Sauriez-vous m'aider à comprendre d'où vient le problème ? Merci
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    Buna ziua, as dori sa stiu pana cat mai dureaza mentenanta sau la cat se va incheia? Am cautat pe internet si nu gasesc, poate ca nu este o ora stabilita sau poate nu gasesc eu . Multumesc anticipat!
  5. Hi ! I would like to know what about new update? And specialy what about the "No withdraw penalty until December 04 14:30 UTC." When it s obiously impossible to do it while the web site is down! Increased Locked Rewards Proposal Is Live: LKMEX rewards are now significantly higher. New (higher) APR is applied only to new deposits, made after December 01 20:30 UTC. Old (lower) APR is still applied to farm positions deposited before December 01 20:30 UTC. Unstake your LP tokens with LKMEX rewards from all farms, and redeposit them to access the new rewards. No withdraw penalty until December 04 14:30 UTC. The Maiar DEX will be back shortly. We are performing scheduled maintenance. We expect to be back in a couple of hours. Thanks for your patience. PS: Your funds are safe.
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  8. whats wrong with the website and all? 3rd time ive seen that you working on it please do that and let the website work for the investors to not be scared!!
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  10. Hello, after the latest update on Maiar Exchange I staked again an LPToken Elrond-Mex with aprox 110 000 MEX(the initial amount for creating it) in it. After a few days, after I wanted to see details about my lp token in farming I saw that the amount of MEX is lower.(firstly I tought that is a bug or something). And today I looked again and now there are only 102 000 MEX in the LPTOKEN. I am not talking about the value in dolars or something else. I only say about the MEX I used to create the LPToken.
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  13. Totally confused! How do I withdraw my earned Mex in EGLD-MEX and then get it exchanged for EGLD and into my Maiar Wallet so I can send it out to an exchange and sell off the EGLD?
  14. Stephen


    I have yet another staking reward not added to my account ! i have messages dating back 5 days and not even seen yet … is there a problem with the messaging as usually my questions are answered really quickly, but 5 days and not even seen is terrible customer service.
  15. I have recently un staked all my pools and I am now only staking and earning all LKMEX. I have one LP pool amount of 45.8555 and the second is 11.68 both are made upo from LKMEX & EGLD, why have these 2 LP's not merged?
  16. I have the same problem. What should we do to be able to start transactions ... account activation failed on start up, 'Account activation pending'....is the latest update issued 1.3.31 IOS
  17. Hello Treached, Everything works fine now for me. I hope it's OK for you now. Regards, ❤️ EGLD Edy
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  19. Am cumparat in urma cu 14 ore EGLD prin aplicatia Mayar de pe telefon prin Ramp, dar nici acum nu a ajuns in portofel, desi am primit toate confirmarile de la RAMP ca tranzactia s-a realizat cu succes. Am mai cumparat in trecut in acelasi mod si tranzactia s-a finalizat in cateva secunde. Este din cauza platformei Mayar, la care se tot lucreaza in ultima vreme? Mai sunt sanse sa intre EGLD sau ...?
  20. Same here i cannot pass point 3 in the account setup process. I tried reinstalling a few times and reimporting wallet...nothing works.
  21. Hi, I could not activate it either. Using android device, tapping retry but could not succeed..
  22. Recently tether has received more interest from the Indian community of traders. USDT/INR is the popular trading pair in India. You can trade USDT to INR with koinbazar. For that, You need to install the app after profile completion you can Buy USDT with INR by choosing the respective menu option.
  23. Having the same issue. Managed to unstake, but as soon as i try and restake, it just gives me a long wait and a timeout.
  24. s-a rezolvat, a 20-a incercare a fost cu noroc
  25. Buna ziua, Pe maiar exchange, incerc de la tabul de farm sa dau harverst all -> confirm din app tranzactia si ramane blocata la 0/1 mai multe minute, apoi da failed. am incercat de multe ori deja si e acelasi rezultat
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  27. Hello, Since the update 01/12 - 20:30 UTC, all my operation in the Maiar DEX lead to a time out Removing farm stake - Harvesting reward. What can I do? Thanks for your help, EdY
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