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  3. Where to find the Sync feature on Maiar Windows version : Version 0.1.47; Brave: 1.9.68; Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit) I do find it on the Android version but not in the Windows version.
  4. Congrats for the awesome browser!
  5. Hi everyone, I like this Brave browser without the Bat system, but to be perfect and ideal to me, it should have: 1- An offline installation, better, a portable version (my preference) without the Maiar icon installed by default on the desktop, 2- An automatic update to the latest Chrome version, 3- And the last but not the least, a feature that delete all the historic of closed tab (in the history tools, like in Vivaldi browser for example -`- - > represented with the trash icon). I have always wonder if someone can do an alternative of the Brave browser without their Bat system, then there is Maiar finally; but to be my default browser, it should include the 3 points that I mentioned above. The point #3 is the most important to me. I really hope that these requests will be fulfilled in the near future! Thank you for reading me.
  6. Thank you. I want use this great browser, really need 32bit version please.
  7. A new build for Windows and Mac is in testing right now and should be released soon. As for the 32bit version we will take a look into this and see what can be done.
  8. Where is x86 version? Most peoples uses 32bit Os. And please upgrade latest chrome stable version 80. Your browser outdated and unsecure.
  9. Welcome to our new Maiar Community!
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