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  1. Hi maiar team, first a quick heads up on my system: Android 10 Huawei p20 pro (yeah I bought it right before POTUS went "F U Huawei") Back to topic: Please take a look at "daily digest" the tag and the page,.. btc is written like that (e.g.) $11.055 and egld is written like $7.92. this basically means btc and egld is almost the same price (soon will be, I know! ;)) With btc the "." is a thousands divider, with egld it is a decimal divider. we can't change principle from coin to coin. At best this is confusing. At the Daily digest page btc is even written like $11.055.22 Thats a minor mistake in developing state but definitely needs to be fixed before release! Imho I recomend (e.g.) btc $11,055.22 since this way is also used on many exchanges. I love the app, but have some other minor issues, I'd like to address. Quick question, this platform seems not to be heavily used yet, do you have other channels to communicate? I have two screenshots attached to show what I mean.. Thanks for your great work! Elrond team is amazing!! Greetings, Dennis
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