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  1. @drew..if I understand it correctly, you say that we could have an option to store, in Maiar, an encrypted image of the written down recovery phrase? So the user writes on a piece of paper the recovery phrase, then in Maiar takes a picture of it, and we will encrypt it and store it on our servers for restoring later?
  2. This might have to do with the fact that Friday night the testnet was down, so the app was not stable for a few hours. @Paul Popovicican you confirm if this is still an issue?
  3. @The Cat, just to be sure: is the `Account activation failed` pop-up locked on top of the screen? Or you see an activity card with Account activation failed, and tapping on it shows the pop-up?
  4. Thanks for the feedback. We will discuss it with the team and hopefully we will find a better way to inform the user about the importance of the password and that we don’t save it anywhere.
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