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  1. Hi everyone, I like this Brave browser without the Bat system, but to be perfect and ideal to me, it should have: 1- An offline installation, better, a portable version (my preference) without the Maiar icon installed by default on the desktop, 2- An automatic update to the latest Chrome version, 3- And the last but not the least, a feature that delete all the historic of closed tab (in the history tools, like in Vivaldi browser for example -`- - > represented with the trash icon). I have always wonder if someone can do an alternative of the Brave browser without their Bat system, then there is Maiar finally; but to be my default browser, it should include the 3 points that I mentioned above. The point #3 is the most important to me. I really hope that these requests will be fulfilled in the near future! Thank you for reading me.
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