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  1. Hello, I have a very annoying issue with the application. I downloaded it last month but I didn't use it immediately, I just at this time created my account with a wallet for which I also created a backup on my Google Drive. And then i uninstalled the app. Thus, this afternoon i decided to downloaded again. But my phone number is still linked to my previous wallet and I don't remember the Password to back up the file in my Google Drive. I tried to create another wallet but when I put my phone number, the app show me an error telling that the phone number is already taken... I know that we can unlink a phone number in the setting but I can't even connect to the app because my phone number is already linked to a wellet with a back up... Is theire any chance that your team could do that manually in the database or something else please ? Because right now I can't use the app. Thanks,
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