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  1.                                                                                    Hello Lucian Todea and thanks for this opportunity!

                First of all i've discovered Elrond in 2019 in the Google News, after many research about this project i thought this is a good chance for a comeback into crypto space for me.

                I brought in Elrond local friends and few family members and convinced them to prestake/stake in genesis smart contract even if they don't know how to do that, i helped them with thechnical part.  

                Right now i'm unemployed and in a part of my free time i want to be a tester of Maiar, i've used many crypto app/dapps in past few years.

                I'm very meticulously detailed and look foward to come with constructive feedback when is needed  in benefit of Maiar on Android.


             Thank you for taking the time to consider me for this position.




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