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  1. I have a UI-related issue with the Maiar app. Description: If I press on the middle button with the Elrond logo from the bottom navigation bar from the home screen, will appear a menu witch is overlapping with the bottom navigation bar. I have had this issue since forever only on iPhone 8 plus, but on iPhone 12 looks great. Steps to reproduce: 1. Open the Maiar app. 2. On the home screen there is a bottom navigation bar with the following buttons (Vault, Wallet, a middle button with the Elrond logo, Contacts, and Profile). Press on the middle blue button with the Elrond logo. 3. A pop-up menu with 5 buttons appears on the bottom of the screen (Screenshot with the menu). Observe how the bottom part of the menu is overlapping the bottom navigation bar. 4. Please fix the issue. Device information: Manufacturer: Apple Model name: iPhone 8 plus Model number: MQ8D2LL/A OS version: iOS 14.7 Maiar app version: 1.3.6
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