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  1. Hey folks, may I suggest increasing the touch region for the info icon here? It would make that tap easier to manage, especially for older folks. The graphic can stay as-is, simply extend the region that activates the button’s method.
  2. I wholeheartedly back the sentiment expressed in this post. Many of us who are, for example, iOS developers, or hindered and expressing very creative ideas because of the extraneous knowledge required to actualize apps that use block chain as the base of the app. Once integration is made in a functionally simple manner, expression of creativity and the subsequent explosion of the Elrond ecosystem will be stunning.
  3. One thing i did in an app i built for private clients was to encrypt an image of a special bit of info, and stored it as such that only they could unlock it. This may seem silly but the idea of writing it down then snapping a pic and storing it encrypted might be a unique feature.
  4. I am very motivated to help Elrond establish what i refer to as Crypto 3.0.  I run a small crypto div fund returning 30%+ to family & friends (and myself) and the managing of inbound fiat and transfers of value worldwide is astonishingly difficult.  Maiar should be of ultra-utility for me, and the world.

    As well, i may soon be spearheading an investment vehicle that could prove immensely fruitful for Elrond, and looking to establish a much much better fiat onboarding paradigm. 

  5. Somebody suggested that i add this (after dropping it into telegram): "And to re-iterate, i am an iOS dev, with many iterations of my own via TestFlight. I created from scratch an entire messaging platform that was uber-private, had patent-pendings, required NO personal info etc, and employed a similar obfuscation to account like Maiar does now. Get me testing! ;)"
  6. As an iOS dev, elrond enthusiast and crypto div fund consultant who is also promoting Elrond often, is there any chance of grabbing an invite code? I have also brought in numerous eGLD investors with family and friends and in my crypto div fund.
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