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  1. Hello, I’ve enjoyed my interaction with the Maiar wallet thus far and everything has ran VERY smoothly. The compound interest is a major plus in my book. One topic I would like to bring up is the MEX airdrop. Ive noticed EGLD is very new and now currently 9-16-21 adoption of the coin is really ramping up. Several (ALOT) of new users missed out on the opportunity. Will there be another round of MEX claims? If not weekly, monthly? It would give even more incentive for new to the space users to discover and/or use $EGLD and $MEX. The store of value asset $EGLD has been dubbed as, is appealing to the new user. Finding out about it’s other use case coin $MEX and how to go about claiming it would also teach new users how connecting a wallet dapp is so important in the field. I hope you all take my suggestion into consideration. Best regards, -A thrilled EGLD hodler.
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