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  1. Hello to whom it may concern, I am currently trying to recover 48,700 ERD which were staked in March 2020. I've read through the following thread in the Elrond Community Forum and the moderator told this guy to contact Maiar support to try to recover his lost ERD, so here I am trying the same. Lost my elrond, twice. at least $5K lost - Technical - Elrond Community Forum For further information, please see my own thread at the Elrond Community Forum: Missing EGLD from ERD staked in March 2020 - Technical - Elrond Community Forum (Made a mistake in the title... I'm just missing my ERD and the staking rewards.) If you need any additional info and need to validate my addresses, please let me know the following steps and I will provide you any needed information. Thank you very much for your help! Kind regards, Carl Menger
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