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  1. OK. It works now. I confirm :-)) Click on the project and if you have ALGD staked (I think), you should see on the right "Proceed with KYC"
  2. Hi, When I try to connect Maiar to the launchPad, I have always an error. The connection seems to be done and one second later, the error is raised in Maiar and I am disconnected (like this other topic below). Could you let us know if Something is going wrong on laucnhpad side or if it is on our side 🙂 ? Here are the tests done : - Launchpad on PC Browser (Chrome, Brave, Edge) >> Connect >> QR code scan on Maiar -> Error (with the above behavior) - Laucnhpad on Android Browser Mobile phone (Chrome, Brave) >> Connect >> Maiar authentication >> Error (with the above behavior) Thanks
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