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  1. I know your problem, you follow the below topic, it's useful to you. Good luck!
  2. after some days, i'm successful to recover my wallet. Hope some images below help you.
  3. Dear supportor! I have the problem need support. I swap EGLD to MEX at first day, but transaction is fail, the system transfers egld to wegld. But I can't unwarp wegdl to egld in long time. I try to send my wegld from Maiar to my Binance wallet, the transaction is succeessfull on Mairar, but Binance not receive the wegld token, it only receive the egld token. I also try to open the support in Binance, but they answer that this problem can't solve. I hope Maiar that can help me in situations. My transaction: https://explorer.elrond.com/transactions/a40a5ce1cc591c0f986900bc457dcfd7fa061787fd7e8c30882a4beee2339e5f Regards! Dang.
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