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  1. On 12/11/2021 at 5:17 PM, Sunny said:

    Even I am facing this problem

    Transferred EGLD from Binance to my Maiar Defi wallet. It didn't arrived . So reinstalled the wallet and through seed phrase imported the wallet. Now, addressee of my wallet is different and also no EGLD received. 

    Old wallet Addressee : erd1p3lpmhr6avw6jm498t4svpfpmqzmu4ntsapqemu7qmjaydfvpqws0fw3ms

    New imported wallet Address : erd13kkfuq9mls7q4rvl9ue3drv34z53q4fwgsue3zepc87r74szjwzq04jvvj

    Transaction is recorded in Blockchain: https://explorer.elrond.com/transactions/f24e5149f9d960786974c6588f081ad7543eab3d657a783faa785cef50c1f1e8

    Can anybody help here please

    I know your problem, you follow the below topic, it's useful to you. Good luck!



  2. On 11/22/2021 at 1:07 PM, Başak said:


    I sent egld from Maiar App to Maiar Defi Wallet, but it didn't arrive. I checked the address many times, the App says transfer is done but I cannot see it in the Maiar Defi Wallet.

    after some days, i'm successful to recover my wallet. Hope some images below help you.





  3. Dear supportor!

    I have the problem need support. I swap EGLD to MEX at first day, but transaction is fail, the system transfers egld to wegld. But I can't unwarp wegdl to egld in long time.

    I try to send my wegld from Maiar to my Binance wallet, the transaction is succeessfull on Mairar, but Binance not receive the wegld token, it only receive the egld token. I also try to open the support in Binance, but they answer that this problem can't solve. I hope Maiar that can help me in situations.

    My transaction: 




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