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  1. Disregard I eventually figured it out
  2. Hello Support Team, I am brand new to farming and I am also new to Maiar exchange. I am not sure what to do when it comes time to withdrawl from the farm. I cant find any informaion explaining this. I need help with the withdrawl and how to get the ELGD back into my wallet. Thanks eric
  3. Hello, Let me start by saying I joined and starting farming without experience. This is the 2nd exchange I joined. My first being crypto.com ( There I just staked some CRO and I am re-staking my earnings in DEFI wallet.) Here at Maiar I started to farm probably because I read a lot about it and wanted to try it. However I bought my EGLD when it was highest at about $550 each token. I think I purchased about 6 EGLD when i started. I enclosed a screenshot of my farming and I guess I wont be able to get back (earn back my EGLD) in anytime soon. I am thinking with my current position I will be in for longer term farming. I am also still unclear what exactly it means to earn back my EGLD. I am still unclear as to how I can convert what I have in the farm back to ELGD so at some point I can remove it to sell at some point. I could sure use some information and or any help would be greatly appreciated. I also have about .6 EGLD left in my wallet
  4. Dear team Yes I need the download tax stuff from the exchange /wallet as well. Please team let us know if this will be available for our taxes. I am needing this information same as the person who asked the question. See below In some countries we are already forced to declare our crypto transactions and coins we store internationally for tax purposes. Do you think it would be feasible to have Maiar exporting the transactions, re-staking, etc. to a CSV file? Some platforms like Cointracking allow us to import our data from different exchanges/wallets and make our tax declaration feasible. For example, they provide the following CSV columns template: "Type", "Buy Amount", "Buy Currency", "Sell Amount", "Sell Currency", "Fee", "Fee Currency", "Exchange", "Trade-Group", "Comment", "Date" It is a must for us to have this file, otherwise it can be really crazy to have this done manually. Thanks for your support!
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