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  1. Hi Dang, you are a life saver. It worked perfectly. Thanks a lot! And shame on you, Maiar support team for not caring about your users.
  2. Hello, Not getting lucky with your proper support channel, so here it goes again: I deposited 2.09 EGLD into my Maiar Wallet (Chrome extension): https://explorer.elrond.com/transactions/ffddca9d180f672947d67272b6f408bf4bfe02aeddc6a3c3ebbad5e880f69c2b Nothing went to the wallet: https://devnet-explorer.elrond.com/accounts/erd1vf27snrtck3credzh0vyzfjj26jg0g5jkjh3uea5qyzljzde9pkskxmt4a How to proceed?
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