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  1. Hi !

    I would like to know what about new update?  And specialy what about the "No withdraw penalty until December 04 14:30 UTC." When it s obiously impossible to do it while the web site is down!

    Increased Locked Rewards Proposal Is Live: LKMEX rewards are now significantly higher.

    • New (higher) APR is applied only to new deposits, made after December 01 20:30 UTC.
    • Old (lower) APR is still applied to farm positions deposited before December 01 20:30 UTC.
    • Unstake your LP tokens with LKMEX rewards from all farms, and redeposit them to access the new rewards.
    • No withdraw penalty until December 04 14:30 UTC.

    The Maiar DEX will be back shortly. We are performing scheduled maintenance.

    We expect to be back in a couple of hours. Thanks for your patience.
    PS: Your funds are safe.


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