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  1. No longer needed with this awesome new version. Great job team
  2. Thanks for your response. Same for Ethereum, the native is ETH (er), and Binance the native is BNB or recently BSC. May be not important at all.
  3. Hey team, hey Lucian Todea, I have a curious question related to label for each supported currency. For BNB we have Binance, for ETH we have Ethereum and for eGLD we have eGLD not Elrond. Does it mean you would promote the eGLD not Elrond or any other reasons??? see attached what I mean.;)
  4. Do we really need to have the total balance on home page? My balance is a secret info, it should not be shown when using app, because anyone can see it.
  5. You may ask how it can be happened without the code pin. 🙂 when I‘m opening maiar app on IoS. I can see the balance in millisecond before asking me the security code pin. To avoid that, we can hide the balance by default with a show button when login, and hide when logout (code pin modal)
  6. Hi, I encountered an issue when I would save an address with a label. Nothing happens. I’m on IoS thanks
  7. Yes this only one not decoded. My address erd1cgkmcw8de34wn53cuhjd4gyvg4hl38x3739n2xxy6nj5fpynrm3sylwzzk 0xF541EC774a7d3c65F36c4342f813df7A61bb40e6
  8. May be it was a bug. It appears just for this transaction.
  9. I see the message is encoded on data field when a transaction is sent. It will be more user friendly to decode message on transaction detail the note field.
  10. May be it’s not great feature and a priority. I think it will useful in some situation from history to make the same transaction to the same receiver, may be with possibility to modify the amount. By the way, congrats again. I have no doubt maiar will be the standard wallet for all around the world. You are making great work and with a great community
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