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  1. Another example attached. These transactions we're retried 5 times without success. Why there's a swap if you cannot swap? 😅 guess it should be some rule against testing into production, no? Cause this is not the first time when you test stuff directly in production.
  2. I see that Maiar shakes every day lately and maintenanced every 2-3 days. At the time of writing also the price of MEX is showed wrong (it updated with a delay of 10 minutes) which for me at least is a deal breaker ( https://imgur.com/a/ysdx2Ts). Also trying to swap something errors out and so, in my case, I lost a good deal of time and money because the transaction(s) didn't go through. Now, this looks more like beta testnet build, not a fully fledged DEX especially when you also delayed it half of a year for "security". Something that's doesn't work is secure enough, that's right at least. In this pace of things most of the people will probably abandon this project and elrond. Not sure if this is what you're after or simply the money behind, but I guess it would be a good moment to decide what you want to be/do.
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