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  1. 23 minutes ago, Tonio said:

    it's really not. The empty wallets you were able to access were just generated from the seed phrase you entered, they don't actually belong to anyone. Did you try on a PC using the maiar wallet chrome extension? 

    I don't think so. They are associated with a different phone number so for me they belong to someone.

    Btw, Someone finally helped me. I wrote BLIND instead of BIND. I gave her 5k$. I would never have had acces to the wallet anymore without her help. Thanks to her. 


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  2. On 1/2/2022 at 12:08 AM, vegas777 said:

    Tx for all ur answer. Still didn’t succeed. Funny thing is that I try the word « wish » instead of « wise » and i could connect to another wallet which isn’t mine and is empty. Pretty sick. 

    I tried « corn » instead of « canyon » and got access to a wallet which isn’t mine (empty again). It’s the second wallet i can access. The 24 words are not random. This is a big security issue.

  3. On 12/21/2021 at 9:53 PM, BuyHighCellLow said:

    Hi Kevin,

    First, if you're trying to type your secret phrase manually, make sure to avoid confusion (for example, "some" and "same"). If you encounter issues for logging using your secret phrase, it means that you made a mistake.

    About the icloud restoration, just follow these steps



    They are not many words which are close and the weirdest things is that they ask you to put your 24 words in the right order as a second validation when you create the wallet. And I did it successfully …

  4. Hello,

    My phone was stolen. Had the Maiar app installed on it. I bought a new phone and reinstalled everything with icloud. I tried to import my existing wallet first from secret phrase. Didn’t work and it drives me crazy. I’m careful and i always do a 2nd reading. I really can’t figure out how its possible since the words appears after you type the first letters so you can’t really do mistake. Then i remember that maiar force you to retype the 24 words to be sure that you wrote them correctly which I did successfully. I can’t figure out how my list is wrong since I typed it at least one time correctly. I have 2 identical words in my 24 words but i read it is possible despite it’s rare. 
    Then i tried to restore from Icloud. I always get this very weird message again and again. I don’t know how to check my Icloud in order to check if there is the maiar backup out there. Is there any way Icloud recovery is blocked or something? I tried many times, deleting the app and testing from an old phone. 
    I feel desperate and i’m offering 5 EGLD to anyone helping me to recover this wallet 




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