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  1. Hi Kevin, I just had a problem with recovering as well and I too am also really careful that I wrote all the words down correctly and in the right order. I was typing all the words in the bottom box and it wouldn't allow me to submit it, I checked and double checked, didn't seem to be anything wrong, then I realised I had to type each word in and click it, it then submitted the word into the box above with a number 1 next to it, then i had to type the next word in the bottom box and click it again for it to go into the top box and had a number 2 next to it. You have probably already done this, but something this simple isn't explained on the app so thought I'd mention it as I just typed the 24 words in and thought that would be fine. Another thing you can do is go to wallet.elrond.com and click on "access existing" then click "Maiar" then click "recover wallet" and try typing it in there. Hope you manage to get this sorted my friend, good luck, Mike
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