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  1. How do you add Admin credentials to access the dashboard (would like to be able to add more than one admin) How do you add pricing of the trips so that it can be calculated when the address is put into maps Is there simple directions or a how-to guide to the basic changes that need to be made to this app template?
  2. Hello Jammy Shan, Thanks for the valuable suggestion, Sure i will follow the above mentioned 3 tips for doubling my ROI. Incase if you find any information other than the 3tips please let me know.
  3. Hello, I own a cab company in Miami. With the help of several mates, I recently launched a taxi booking app. We have put a lot of effort into developing this app for my business. So we're looking for a strong return on investment, but we haven't been able to find one. Can someone provide a solid method for doubling my ROI?
  4. With your own white-labeled taxi app development, you can dominate the taxi booking sector. Real-time features such as geo-tracking, ride scheduling, drivers app, and admin portal help you stand out from the competition. Uber clone software allows you to manage all aspects of your business at once.
  5. Thanks to Jammy Shan recommendation, I contacted Uplogic Technologies and discussed my requirements. They've given me a clear image of the taxi mobile app solution, as well as the cost and feature set that will be included.
  6. Hey jammy shan, If you’re running a tow truck business in the current market. Then I would suggest you go for a towing app solution like Uber for tow truck app. This could help you to reach more customers on time and help them with their needs timely.Here, if you’re going for on-demand roadside assistance app solution you will be get benefited from the following revenue streams:Referral Commission – This allows consumers to refer their friends or family to receive additional incentives or discounts on the towing service they have booked. This attracts new users and allows for a high user retention rate.Membership Options – People used to subscribe to memberships and benefit from them when they used them on a regular basis. This is adaptable for delivery agencies, logistics services, and other market participants in the transportation industry.In-app Ad Banners – Allow tow truck companies to advertise their services within the app. This helps them to simply capture the user's attention and book the reservation. As an administrator, you have the ability to collect the ad fare.If you’re not aware of the on-demand mobile app solution and developing process. Then you can directly reach the market experts like SpotnRides. They are ready to provide you with the best roadside assistance app solution according to your business model.Hope my answer gives you a clear idea!!!
  7. I'd want to create a unique taxi booking app to help my business. Please suggest me a low cost mobile app development in the market with user friendly features for my business. So that i can take my taxi business to next level.
  8. In today's market, you can't predict cost to develop a mobile app. Then I propose using a taxi app such as app like uber. This may enable you to reach out to more people and assist them with their requirements more rapidly. If you're not familiar with the process of developing on-demand mobile apps. Then you may get in touch with market experts like SpotnRides immediately. They are ready to provide you with the best mobile app solution for your unique company plan.
  9. Hi Charles, Do you find clueless about incorporating blockchain into your mobile app? below I would like to mention a few pointers that can provide significant assistance regarding the same. Step 1- Know that your app is suitable for blockchain, Step 2- Consider key technologies, Step 3- How to implement Blockchain?, If you’re a developer you can easily come up with the answer to the above three steps or else you can directly reach the market experts like SpotnRides to build your business app with the exact requirements you’re demanding. In the upcoming years, from retail to finance, supply chain and many other industries blockchain will be considered as a crucial part of countless mobile apps. Thereby reaching the experts today will make your dream comes true
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