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  1. With conventional financial assets not providing high returns to investors, interest in digital currencies is growing. Likewise, centralized, decentralized, hybrid, and peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platforms across the world are handling billions of dollars in trading volume. Are you an entrepreneur looking to be the pioneer in economic freedom? Start Cryptocurrency exchange development now. What are the key features of a Crypto Trading Platform? Margin Trading facility Investors can take short or long positions, trade up to a specific leverage, and build their wealth easily. Generally, users can borrow a specific amount and buy cryptos at a preferred price. Affiliate Program Retail as well as institutional traders can invite their family members, colleagues, and friends and receive a commission. They should share the unique links across instant messaging apps and social media platforms. In the long run, users will pocket a specific percentage of the trading and margin funding fees. Generally, the amount depends on the level of referrals. Staking Crypto holders can stake their digital assets for a specific period. Subsequently, they will earn returns periodically (weekly, monthly, and yearly). Users can choose a variety of virtual currencies, native tokens, and DeFi tokens. Subsequently, they should press the deposit option and get rewards directly to their software and hardware wallets. Help Center Users can sort out issues by contacting the help desk. They receive adequate support for problems like depositing and withdrawal of funds, processing transactions, enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), participation in airdrops, and linking hardware and software wallets. Wrapping Up Do you aim to be a multi-billionaire? Connect with a white-label solution provider now for cryptocurrency exchange development.
  2. Passionate about blockchain technology? Connect with AppDupe and utilize our state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange development services. Our experts create Centralized, Decentralized, Hybrid, and Peer-to-Peer trading platforms. Hence, investors can buy, sell, exchange, and stake their digital assets round-the-clock. Are you an entrepreneur looking to offer a viable alternative to the centralized economic system? Have a chat with our team now.
  3. Undoubtedly, the entire globe cannot stop talking about the metaverse. Famous players, acclaimed teams, and popular leagues are coming out with their limited-edition collections on various platforms. Moreover, crypto collectibles are the rage in various sports like cricket, football, tennis, basketball, baseball, and FormulaOne. Are you a cryptopreneur keen on being part of the Web 3.0 era? Create a Sports NFT marketplace. The major features of a Sports NFT Trading Platform are Filter and Discover collectibles - Investors can easily locate attractive crypto collectibles. They can tap the filters button and choose options like Recently Added, Lowest Ask Price (High to Low and Low to High), and Auction ending soon. Subsequently, they will receive results about NFTs of athletes and teams available for sale. Featured Packs section - It displays a set of trading cards, videos, and merchandise available for sale. Users can click the featured packs panel, see the price, and the number of moments in the pack. Subsequently, they can transfer the required payment in cryptocurrencies. Help Desk - Buyers can solve queries by contacting the help center. They receive support for issues like setting up of accounts, undergoing KYC/AML verification, processing of transactions from hardware and software wallets, protection against copyright infringement, depositing and withdrawal of funds. Leaderboard panel - It showcases the list of NFT collectors who have bought the highest number of crypto collectibles. Prospective investors can explore their profile and see details like their social media accounts, their total score, the gallery where the NFTs are located, and the rarity of the NFT (common, rare, legendary, and ultimate). Wrapping Up Want to change the future of the creator economy? Get in touch with a white-label solution provider for developing a sports NFT marketplace.
  4. There is one platform that enables digital artists to easily sell their crypto collectibles. Guess which one is that? It is SuperRare. The Ethereum-based platform has helped content creators pocket a mind-boggling $135 million. Interestingly, the average resale value of these rare artworks is a whopping 5392%. Are you an entrepreneur who is interested in shaping the future of Web 3.0? Create a SuperRare clone now. The notable features of a SuperRare like NFT marketplace are Software wallet plugins - Buyers can purchase NFTs with ease. They can use hot wallets like MetaMask and Fortmatic. Moreover, investors can transfer funds easily by using software wallets supported by the Wallet Connect open-source protocol. Featured Releases section - The limited-edition collections of acclaimed artists are showcased here. Investors will receive real-time updates about when content creators list their NFT. They can submit a bid after seeing the description of the asset, the reserve price, the name of the owner, and the number of views. Artists can also add hashtags for their crypto collectibles to maximize their sales. Reserve Auction mechanism - Content creators have freedom in selling off their NFT to buyers. Generally, they can choose either Scheduled Auctions or Reserve Auctions. Artists have to enter details like the starting bid price, starting date and time, ending date and time. Importantly, the highest bidder will win the auction and get hold of the rare crypto collectible. Help Desk - Artists and NFT collectors can sort out problems by contacting the help centre. They receive support for issues like changing passwords, processing of transactions, delays in getting royalties after secondary sales, voting on numerous proposals, and protection against copyright infringement. Wrapping Up Do you aspire to be a multi-millionaire? Connect with a leading NFT marketplace development company for developing a SuperRare clone.
  5. Eager to defeat your rivals in the digital trading industry? Collaborate with AppDupe to create a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance. Our white-label solution contains features like integration with numerous payment gateways, a recurring buying option, a crypto lending option, charts and graphs for sharing updates about market movement and prices, and a 24x7 technical support centre. Are you a business visionary? Get in touch with our tech geeks. Click Here: https://www.appdupe.com/binance-clone
  6. Enable business firms and investors to buy, send, and transfer digital assets 24x7x365. Launch a crypto payment gateway like Bitpay in collaboration with AppDupe. Explore features like an instant shopping option, a prepaid card, real-time updates about payments and transfers, an instant conversion option, and a multilingual technical support desk. Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative business mindset? Speak to our team now.
  7. In recent times, traditional financial assets are not providing huge returns to investors now. As a result, they are putting more money into cryptocurrencies. There is one platform that enables both individuals and business enterprises to buy, sell, swap, and spend Bitcoin seamlessly. It is none other than Bitpay. Are you a cryptopreneur with a huge interest in the digital economy? Create a Bitpay like crypto payment gateway now. What are the major features of a platform similar to Bitpay? Support for numerous digital assets - Crypto holders can transfer Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), and stablecoins like Binance USD (BUSD) and Gemini US Dollar (GUSD) easily from one person to another. They need to enter the wallet address, mention the amount, and process the transaction. Dashboard for business enterprises - Firms, social welfare organizations, conglomerates, and multinational companies can accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payment from customers. They can access the dashboard and monitor the inflow and outflow of funds. Besides that, enterprises can also transfer the virtual currencies directly to their bank account anytime. Real-time notifications - Users will receive alerts about changes in prices of digital currencies, payments made by another person to their wallet, and inflow and outflow of funds. Help Center - Crypto investors and merchants can sort out issues by reaching out to the help desk. They can solve problems like linking prepaid cards, setting up copay wallets, undergoing AML/KYC verification, generation of digital invoices, protection against chargeback fraud etc. Wrapping Up The market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC) is more than $818.89 billion now. Do you want to lead this decentralized financial revolution? Connect with a white-label solution provider now for developing a crypto payment gateway identical to Bitpay.
  8. Enable national and international players to engage better with their die-hard fans. Collaborate with AppDupe for launching a sports NFT marketplace. Renowned athletes and teams can sell off trading cards, posters, sports kits, photos, video clips, and memorabilia by organizing auctions. Are you an entrepreneur yearning to dominate the metaverse? Get in touch with our blockchain experts now.
  9. Composers and playback singers can sell their songs, albums, clips, merchandise, and raps for a high price now. Partner with AppDupe for developing an NFT based audio streaming platform. Music enthusiasts across the universe can purchase these valuable assets by making bids for these ultra-rare collectibles. Are you an entrepreneur willing to change the functioning of the creator economy? Have a call with our team.
  10. Assist investors in managing their crypto portfolios effortlessly. Collaborate with AppDupe for Coinbase like exchange development. Our state-of-the-art trading platform includes various features like instant ID verification, recurring buying option, several payment options, a help desk, and real-time notifications about market movements and price changes. Want to spread the digital financial revolution? Have a call with our talented developers soon.
  11. The NFT market is climbing the ladder every now and then. Have you ever had the desire to launch an NFT platform? At AppDupe, we offer a ready-made sports NFT platform that will enable you to set up a forum for trading the sports-related NFTs on a sophisticated platform. You can contact us to get additional information. Please Visit Our Website To Know More: https://www.appdupe.com/nft-sports-marketplace-development
  12. At AppDupe, we offer a decentralized white-label smart contract-based MLM on Ethereum for entrepreneurs to kick-start their crypto business. Our ready-made MLM platform is deeply crafted with cutting-edge features. Would you like to have a word with our team? Then give us a call right now and get your personalized solution. Please Visit Our Website To Know More: https://www.appdupe.com/ethereum-smart-contract-mlm-software
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