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  1. Actually Elrond wallet and Maiar, offer a possibility to buy Crypto using third parties like "MoonPay, Changelly.." the problem with third parties, is they don't offer the best price to the client, to make the biggest profit possible. How to overcome this? the idea is to connect Maiar to aggregators like ''Orion Protocol". As we know aggregators has connections with different exchanges and liquidity pool. So by connecting Maiar to an aggregator like "Orion Protocol", Maiar get the possiblity to select the cheapest price in the market for Maiar user.
  2. I'm not technical, I don't know exactly how smart contract get executed, an Admin inside Maiar group "Sever" told me that smart contract get executed after they receive a transaction. If a smart contract executed only after receiving a transaction, we can do this workaround what if I schedule a transaction inside Maiar to a smart contract that will execute what I said before. Let say I put in 01/01/2025, Mair will send 0.01 egld to a smart contract XWY, and the smart contract will sent my Crypto to the herotag I chosed . Of course at any moment I can change the schedule date,
  3. As a crypto owner, and being a human been, we all know that one day we gonna die. So what is going to happen to my crypto? they will be lost forever? or what if we have an option (smart contract) inside Maiar, that will send our crypto to our beloved , your wife or children, or a non profit organization you attached to. How is going to work? inside Maiar I will check an option that if I didn't open Maiar for 24 month for example. a smart contract will be executed and will send all my crypto (egld, btc, bnb...) to a Maiar user (Herotag) that I choose, or I can split my crypto
  4. Hello, Taking Elrond and Maiar to a massive growth and adoption, is also having partnership with the big players. I want to talk about "Flow Project" it's a blockchain developed by game developer for game developer, created by "Mikhael Naayem" the founder of "cryptokitties", the first NFT in the Ethereum blockchain. The project is backed by big venture capital like coinbase and others, and due to the success of " "cryptokitties" the project has already collaboration with UFC, NFL ...and other games are moving from ETH to Flow blockchain. NFL teams, and games, has millions of
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