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  1. ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) is the smart way for entrepreneurs to raise funds for their business. The companies create their own crypto coins or token and sell them to their investors to raise their capital. Unlike the traditional way of fundraising, the ICO connects the company directly with its investors. There is no involvement of third parties in ICO. This process involves main features like white paper creation, Coin development, website design, smart contracts, and ICO marketing. If you are looking for an ICO development company to help you with the process, then talk to our experts to learn more about the process.
  2. Create a highly secure decentralized wallet that can be easily integrated into desired platforms with our cryptocurrency wallet development services Our cryptocurrency wallet development services provide a comprehensive wallet solution for the successful exchange of cryptocurrencies. We design different types of wallets like Multicurrency wallets, DEFI wallets, NFT wallets, and ICO wallets with utmost security features. Develop your own reliable crypto wallet with us. Contact us: Email - info@bckodes.com
  3. Investors are turning towards cryptocurrencies rather than physical assets and Crypto exchanges are booming in the past few years. This has encouraged crypto enthusiasts to build their own Cryptocurrency exchanges to allow their users to make smooth crypto transactions. It’s always better to pick a good crypto exchange development company to cater to your needs. Develop your own secure and scalable crypto exchange with our specialized cryptocurrency exchange development services. We offer different types of crypto exchange development services like Centralized crypto exchange development, Decentralized crypto exchange development, and Peer-to-peer crypto exchange development. Contact us for developing a robust cryptocurrency exchange platform of your own.
  4. NFT trading platform allows the users to mint, store, sell and trade NFTs. To create a robust NFT marketplace, you must consider key features like website design, token listing, listing status, crypto wallet, ratings, Token search, filters, buying, selling, and bidding options. You can develop an NFT marketplace with all these features from scratch which would take a long period to complete and at a higher expense or you can opt for the easy-to-launch NFT marketplace development solutions in a short time period which will reduce your expense on a major level. Ask our experts at Bckodes for more details.
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