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  1. I would be very honored to get invited into the Maiar App. Im developing test equipments for factories in my daily job, and Im used to test numerous kinds of software and platforms, and writing manuals and guidelines for them all the time. Besides, I have in my spare time made some useful guidelines for newbies into the crypto world and would like to find the best options for people to save and store their money, and in general just becoming smart and avoiding scammers :). I have debunked a lot of scam crypto projects, and I would therefore also be able to verify if Maiar is a scam in my crypto guides, and be able to see how Maiar is working and to be able to see for myself how to use it for its full potentiale. In Denmark where I live, we use MobilePay a lot for FIAT transfers between people with great success, and I see Maiar as a direct mirror of this into the crypto world with enormous potentiale. Hope to be able to join the early testers. Filip
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