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  1. Hi, I received an e-mail referencing this post, as I have been interested in accessing your beta since hearing of it. I am without any technical qualifications in so far as providing you a reason technically, might qualify me for access, however, I am DeFi, Crypto and Blockchain Degen 🙂 and prior to Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies and Defi full-time, I day-traded independently on the stock markets. I possess a keen sense of business and trends, love technology, and especially as pertains to the realm of Blockchain and finance, wherein it’s nature is constructed for the purpose of leveling the playing field for all human-beings, by way of providing the potential for any individual to become financially independent and autonomous, from the centralized powers that have long manipulated the masses by denying them access to financial tools and autonomy, that is now accessible within the aforementioned realm. It would be worth you while to have me as a beta-tester, because I spend all of my days and nights consumed and immersed in exploring these platforms, and am intimately familiar with many features that are and are not useful, helpful, and otherwise indispensable. I am also a user of your browser, it is my favorite, and given your grand and bold claims would like the opportunity to peruse your platform, and see if it stands up to it’s claims. Further, any information sought concerning my user experience, will be provided thoughtfully and promptly, whenever necessary. John K. johnmcal3@gmail.com
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