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  1. Meisterpropper saves the day! Thank you, Meisterpropper!!!!!!!!
  2. Slightly over 72 hours ago, I unstaked most of my LKMEX from the (new) Metabonding pool for LKMEX. (Here is the URL for the transaction on Elrond Explorer: https://explorer.elrond.com/transactions/421e342f3325dce6a9771184625b462eb765c8288f27426d261a558b49f0380a ) These unstaked LKMEX do not yet show up anywhere in my wallet or on the Maiar Exchange user interface. I wanted to let you know, as well as to ask if I should start to worry. (Maybe it is possible and normal for the unstaking to take more than 72 hours--I just wanted to check, because I am easily frightened.) Thank you!!!
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