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  1. I just changed my phone to a Huaweri P40 lite but this is coming without Google playstore. I managed to install Maiar on my new phone by using the phone clone option but I will not be able to receive the new updates on Maiar. My question are. 1. is there any plan to add maiar to Huawei AppGallery store? 2. can I update the app by using the new .apk file? if yes, where can I get it from? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I have a suggestion for Maiar. I would like to have the possibility to hide the addresses (egld, bnb, eth) I have to my contacts. My contacts will be able to see very easily the amount of coins i have in my wallet by checking the address in the explorer. This is not ok from my point of view because it expose us a lot. I want my contacts to see only the herotag, without being able to see the address I have. Another suggestion is to have a possibility to "charge" others.(this functionality is available in klever wallet). This way if I want to transfer/pay a certain amount to a friend they can input the amount and create a QR code . All I need to do is just scan the QR code to send the amount.
  3. Anybplan to add a messenger feature to Maiar? Like Whatsapp, telegram, etc...? It can really boost the adoption
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