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  1. Longer version to my previous post... Almost two years ago when I first heard about egold/elrond I gave you like no chances to be where you are now. Last year I stopped being ignorant and I started to get my own research and start to learn new things. The crypto market and blochchain for me is a perpetual learning effect. As a finance guy(with experience in financial audit and comercial) it's challenging due to the fact I have more knowledge about the soon obsolete "real/old world" I understand the term of "trust" at his highest point. I start to build a lot of trust in you and your brother Beni. You make the perfect team.. Tech and finance also you past experience at Etherium. The projects I pay attention are AGI(singularity net), polka-dot and Elrond. Yesterday I discovered the Maia app and I'm thrilled to try it. Hope I'll get the invite code.. If not all the best.. Hope that you can take Etherium place in long term 5-10 years. My bets are with Elrond team on long term! Sibiu is lucky to have this team! Cheers.🥃
  2. Could you please lend me an invitation code. Or at least let me know when and how can I get one. Regards,
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