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  1. Thanks Lucian, that sounds great. I wasn't aware that Maiar would allow community contributions in this for. Great news if it will!! I would very much like to contribute if I can, as you say when all tools will be available on the mainnet.
  2. Looks like I cannot edit my previous post, but wanted to wish you good luck with Maiar. It's an awesome app; we're all very excited about it and looking fwd to start using it from day-1 🙂
  3. Hello Lucian & team, While waiting for the Maiar launch I've got an idea for a feature that might help extend Maiar's use to transfers between two users where approval is required from a third party. I see two possible use cases: - Escrow: a user wants to make an expensive purchase (ex. a car) but requires some additional approval from an authority, for example age confirmation - Parental approval: an underage user wants to buy something, but requires approval from one or both parents I suspect this could be achieved by using a modified version of the current crowdfunding SC example + meta-transactions initiated by the SC to notify the users required to approve transfer. But the key point would be that it could be an automated workflow driven entirely from Maiar. Here's a basic sketch with the steps I'm thinking of. Leaving it up to you to decide if this could bring any value; just wanted to share it.
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