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  1. Hi noise, I found the following: There are multiple scenarios, please carefully select the one that fits your situation. ✅ No wallet is associated with your phone number hash - You CAN import a wallet ✅ An automatically created wallet was associated with your phone number, but the account WAS NOT BACKED UP (either iCloud / Google Drive, or manual backup) - you CAN import another wallet ❌ An automatically created wallet was associated with your phone number, AND the account WAS BACKED UP (iCloud or Google Drive) - you CAN NOT import another wallet ❌ You imported a wallet you created before into a first-time install - you CAN NOT import another wallet. Imported wallets into first-time installs are automatically marked as “backed up” because you have proven already that you can restore it from a back-up. Reasoning: Wallets that are not backed up are not considered safe to be used, and therefore are not permanently associated with a phone number’s hash. This means the user’s contacts can’t see the user as a Maiar, and can’t (using the contact list) send money to them. This is a protection measure to avoid sending funds to a wallet that is not backed up, therefore avoiding possible loss of funds. Once a phone number hash is associated with an address, that is permanent and can’t be changed. The user is also seen as a Maiar by their contacts. This can be toggled off from the Privacy Settings. My solution: The only solution I came up with is to transfer everything across to the new wallet you have created. ( The issue arises for me is that I have staked money in the other wallet so if I move it I loose my position in the queue -_-) I guess I'm stuck using 2 wallets if I want to use the app - unless you change phone numbers. Thanks Seb
  2. Hi all, I accidentally created a new wallet rather than importing my existing one and now I can't swap them over its giving me the following message: Phone number does not match with imported wallet. Is there anyway to unlink the phone and wallet for a different wallet? I know very stupid any help would be welcome( tried messaging the support but I get no response) Thanks
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