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  1. You still are a shrimp and not a crab, when you have 10 gold staked and a very tiny amount in your wallet. This is a bug right?
  2. Grandma Gerda doesn't want to set it up manually and it should should be preselected based on your current language or location on first app start.
  3. Not only in relation to Maiar, but also in the standard web wallet. Just like Binance has. I would sleep better if this would be a possibility.
  4. I support this feature request. This would help me immensely with doing my taxes, when it comes to staking :)
  5. You can use both in parallel. I have linked my existing wallet to Maiar (in the setup use the "Add existing wallet" option). After linking, you can still access the wallet via web interface.
  6. At the moment, all I can see is the rest of my non-delegated coins. I haven't found a way to view my delegated amount of coins in the app. I haven't found a way to delegate my left coins either. My current total balance is very low, because most of my coins are delegated. Another "card" on top of the main view maybe?
  7. Really glad, that I am not the only one. I have still access to my wallet, because I added an existing one, I created before the app was released Knutarn on the other hand has no access anymore and is pretty much helpless, so a fix is really needed here. Some more information: I am from Germany, Knutarn is from somewhere else in the world (privacy respected), so it is not regional.
  8. I tried it a thousand times now. It always gives me "Something went wrong. Please try again later." when I entered the 6-digit code. I tried it so many times, that I won't even get an SMS with the code anymore, I might be blocked. Am I the only one having problems right now?
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