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  1. Daca ai cuvintele pentru cel de-al doilea wallet faci asa: optiunea 1: porneste maiar cu el, te duci la setari si sub "About" apare unlink. apasa pe el. Dupa aceasta operatie importa primul wallet sau optiunea 2: pornesti maiar cu wallet 2 , apoi deschizi web wallet (din browser) cu wallet1 si transferi egld-ul din wallet 1 in wallet 2 Eu zic sa incerci cu optiunea 1 - mi se pare mai simpla (te rog sa ma anunti daca ai avut succes).
  2. go to your maiar wallet -> settings - > unlink (is on the bottom of the page)
  3. Shortly, if we cannot import web walltet to maiar wallet , then we import maiar wallet to web wallet
  4. I already solve that issue. 1. from the web wallet send coins to phone maiar wallet (there are 2 different walets). Now on the web wallet there are no coins. Assuming that you create a new maiar wallet without import 2. Acces web wallet and there push Recover wallet (and now complete the 24 word) and voila , you can acces you wallet from maiar and from the web Let me know if you succeeded !
  5. I have the same issue with the last update of maiar (andr oid app). What should I do ?
  6. I did the same: Created the new wallet and then delete the apps. After that reinstall te apps with option to import with the phrase... after receiving the sms the message was: Phone number do not match with imported wallet Could sombebody help me pls ?
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