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  1. Solved. When I realized that the Verification Code wasn't saved by MoonPay and that I have to provide it at every purchase. (That's good.) The 'shadowed' verification code in the UX "looked real". When I noticed it wasn't my own verification code and that I had to re-enter my real verification code, I could perform the transaction. Please close, or ignore, this as a User Failure ©.
  2. I have successfully registered a German MasterCard with Maiar. When I try to buy a very small amount of EGLD ($20) using this card, the application 1.0.37 for Android will take me to the 'Make Your Payment' window, where I can review and verify my order, where I do check that I agree to the Terms of Use, but the button 'Buy Now' remains blue-grey and inactive. And of course, I can't buy anything. Buying a small amount is to avoid the non functioning KYC functionality as mentioned in another bug report. https://community.maiar.com/index.php?/topic/190-impossible-to-take-a-picture-for-kyc/ In the mean time, the value of the EGLD is jumping considerably and I can only stand by the side watching the opportunities slip away. 😞
  3. This is more of a professional relationship type of problem. I wanted to register my Revolut payment card with Maiar as a payment method. Maiar allows me to do it, but Revolut doesn't accept the $1 request from Maiar. Probably not a technical problem per se, but I guess it's more of a marketing problem. Maybe Maiar should somehow contact Revolut to find out what's the problem ?
  4. When I want to buy eGLD for a higher value, I believe the limit is USD 150, the application 1.0.37 requires me to take a picture of an identity document, given a few choices. When I select the ID document type I want to provide, the application provides a white space with the text "Click here to upload a photo of your (document type)", but whatever I do it won't let me take any picture. Yes, I have given the application access to my camera. Checked and double-checked. 🙂 Camera, Contacts and Storage access given.
  5. At https://maiar.com/ in the 'Digital Identity' paragraph, the text reads : "Create a wallet in seconds. No username, no password, no recovery phrase to backup. Just use your phone number." Still, I think we can agree that in reality the Maiar application (Android) creates a recovery phrase and pushes the user to back it up. Or, have I misunderstood something ? (BTW, I think the application does The Right Thing ® , but it's misleading in the marketing phase.)
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