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  1. Good Afternoon, Team. Iven been involved in the crypto currency market for almost 6 years now. From a developer stand point I have to say that Elrond and Maiar really intrigue me. It’s been very thought out, meticulously created and carefully planned.. I began hodling my erd in January of this year and recently did the swap for EGLd. I’m really excited to see how Maiar handles and what glitches or things I notice that I could help resolve for you. I look forward to helping in the development of Maiar and contributing to the Elrond community.
  2. “You shall be the fellowship of the ring” we were all brought here to accomplish a singular goal. Make Maiar and Elrond the one who others follow, leaders, who other chains strive to be. That’s why I want an invite code 👍
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