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  1. I am fairly certain that Elrond has actually partnered with Orion Protocol so this could be in the pipework.
  2. This would be a nice feature, scheduled payments would be great!
  3. Could be a good idea +1, uncertain as to the way this would work however as the phone number would have to generate an address for it to be sent to, unless it would be a central wallet until the recipient creates an account and receives the seed? George,
  4. The Maiar app is not a centralised exchange and "hot wallet" like binance or crypto.com, therefore you will not have access to sell directly in the app. Wallets such as Maiar offer a safe place to store crypto as you have the private key and it cannot be hacked. The Maiar team may decide to introduce a decentralised exchange onto the app at some point along the line ran on Elrond but at this time you will have to use an un-boarding provider. eg an exchange. George,
  5. If you sent them to the same address you got them from you just sent them to an exchange. I am unsure as to what you could do next, possibly contact the exchange or where you purchased them with the confirmation email of the purchase and then the address you requested them to be sent to. They might help you however i am uncertain. George,
  6. Send it to an exchange, eg binance or crypto.com , takes about 10-15 seconds to reach your account, then you can sell off that way. George,
  7. Maiar doesn't actually process the payments, moonpay does. Other ways of buying is with the new Transak onboarding which is new in the app and using the faster payments in the UK, with faster crypto delivery too! George,
  8. You can buy on Binance US and transfer it to wallet. Hope this helps, George
  9. Referral Below, lunk4t1bd3 Happy Investing!
  10. GeorgeFarrowGreen


    Soon, few weeks should be the ETA, George,
  11. Hello, You can create a herotag by selecting just below the "Good evening/Good morning" at the top left hand corner of the app. If the herotag is unavailable select another. Hope this helps, George
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