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Found 3 results

  1. Contact that have Maiar didnt displayed in ”My Contacts” on app. This contact is saved with 2 numbers in my telephone (with second number he have Maiar). When I open the Maiar app, app didnt show second tph number. I cant send eGLD from ”My Contacts” because he dont apear there. Can send only with herotag. IOS 14.0
  2. Hi, i would like to manage groups on Contacts. They could be created both on friends(with maiar installed) or addresses or only on addresses. The aim is to be able to send via a single click button transactions to my custom group. (egld, nft, donations. Etc.). Ex: I am following 5 social influencers (ta experts, etc) and I want to donate to them weekly for a coffee. I have the group created with their addresses and I hit send to my specific group an small elgd amount and a special note. Thank you!
  3. Description of the issue: When I go to the "contacts" section, I open my contact and select "transactions", I see the transactions I have with him. But if, they leave this screen open, I lower the notification curtain, and from the smartphone menu I switch to "dark mode", here I actually see my personal transactions in my contact's transaction menu. Same thing if you switch from dark mode to light mode. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Launch Maiar; 2. Contacts; 3. Open a Maiar friend; 4. Go to "transactions"; 5. Switch to the dark mode of your smartphone; 6. Return to view the transactions with your friend in Maiar. Actual Result: I view my personal transactions. Look at the attached screenshots Expected Result: View transactions with my friend. Reproduces how often: Each time it switches from light to dark mode and vice versa Maiar Version: v 1.1.32 Reproducible on current live release: Yes Additional information: Smartphone: Xiaomi Mi 9T MIUI: Global Android: 10 QKQ1.190825.002 Patch android: 2021-01-01
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