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Found 8 results

  1. Launchpad Development Company With Our Launchpad Development Services, We Take Your Blockchain Project To The Next Level And Make It Market-visible To Raise Funds- ICO | IEO | IDO | STO | IGO | ILO also get our Blockchain consulting service in india
  2. ICO is one of the most thoughtful concepts ever brought into the crypto universe. Initial coin offering plays an important role in the career of crypto enthusiasts. Therefore, if you wish to create one, you need to approach the best ICO development company. You need to make sure they have ample experience in order to meet your expectations and requirements. Visit us: https://www.appdupe.com/ico-development
  3. For many startups, ICO is a tempting endeavor. It takes a lot of hard work to launch a successful ICO. To start an ICO Platform successfully, you must be aware of What ICO is, ICO Types, and its advantages. Let us have a quick view of it What is ICO? An Initial Coin Offering is a method to raise funds for your crypto venture. Many Startups use ICO to raise funds through conventional financial organizations such as banks. Types Of ICO Private ICO: Private Initial Coin Offering means that you engage a limited number of investors to raise capital. You can also choose the amount of minimum investment required to join your ICO. Public ICO: Public Initial Coin Offering is similar to IPO. It can be referred to as crowdfunding aiming to draw institutional investors and the general public. However, private ICOs are way more practical than public ones because of regulatory considerations. Advantages Of ICO Platform ICOs present startups with an opportunity to raise funds faster. The funds are raised without the stringent regulations required to access capital through conventional banks. Investors can purchase tokens and sell them when the coins enter the market and the price goes up. ICOs provide users with an opportunity to participate in the governance of crypto projects, especially those using the proof of stake (PoS) mechanism. PoS is a consensus protocol that requires users to buy some stakes in the form of native coins to participate in the mining and governance of a crypto network. Knowing about ICO in detail will help you to launch your ICO Platform effectively. Launch your ICO Platform in 5 Simple Steps >>>> This Blog has a detailed view of the steps to launch your ICO Platform Successfully. Do you need help in launching your ICO Platform No Worries!!!! Many ICO Script Providers are available in the crypto market. I have recently come across CoinsQueens which offers bug-free ICO scripts at an affordable price. If you are interested, Feel Free To Connect them via Whatsapp : +91 87540 53377 Telegram: @coinsqueens Mail: sales@coinsqueens.com Get A Free Demo >>>>>> ICO Script
  4. Hey, crypto enthusiast want to raise funds for your business instantly? then ICO is the best choice. Launch your ICO business with a white-label solution in a short period of time with white-Label ICO Software You may think, What a White-Label ICO Software is? And what about its business benefits & features. What is white-Label ICO Software? ICO Software is a pre-designed & tested software that comprises all essential features like crypto tokens, Whitepaper, ICO website & many more. It also has an ICO dashboard with many advanced features. Now let me give you the business benefits and features of white-label ICO software. Business Benefits Of White-Label ICO Software Faster Deployment High-end Reliability Cost-Effective Branding Highly beneficial if they lack technical expertise Eliminates risk Scale your revenue Features Of White-Label ICO Software ICO Airdrop ICO Bounty program Token Development Top-notch white paper drafting Blockchain Integration Smart Contract Development ICO Website creation ICO Wallet setup Coin Creation ICO Listing ICO Fundraising Dashboard ERC Tokens development Payment Gateway Integration After having a view of its benefits and features, you may be eager to buy the white-Label ICO Software. If so reach out to the ICO Software Providers to launch your ICO platform smoothly. Many ICO white-label software providers are available in the market. CoinsQueens is one among them but stands out among its business competitors by offering bug-free and customizable White-Label ICO Software at an affordable cost. They have successfully completed 100+ crypto projects for their clients across the globe. If you are interested, Whatsapp : +91 87540 53377 Telegram: @coinsqueens Mail: sales@coinsqueens.com Book A Free Demo >>>>>> ICO Software
  5. An ICO Marketing Plan is used in the digital world to promote ICO tokens for business endeavors. The ICO company requires ads to improve token awareness in the digital world. As a result, it allows a varied set of investors to participate in the platform's fundraising efforts.
  6. Before a quinquennial, an entrepreneur or a startup is interested in launching their crypto crowdfunding ICO platform. They have always preferred the Ethereum blockchain for their crypto token creation. But nowadays, most business people prefer Binance Smart Chain especially BEP20 instead of using Ethereum(ERC20) blockchain. Do you know why it is? There are plenty of reasons for it, let me explain them one by one. Without any delay, we shall directly move on to the topic. Technically why BEP20 is better than the ERC20 crypto-token standard for launching an ICO Low Gas Fees: The first & foremost reason why entrepreneurs prefer BEP20 is the low gas fees. The gas fee is very low when compared to ERC20 Transaction Speed: An ERC20 takes 15 seconds per transaction but the BEP20 takes only 3 seconds per transaction. Dual Chain Architecture: You can freely swap from the BEP-2 token to the BEP20 token. Easy adoption for Defi Ecosystem: Recently, many DApps accept the BEP20 token standards, so you have numerous chances to enter into the Decentralized ecosystem. Well, these are some of the technical aspects of why BEP20 is better than the ERC20 crypto-token standard. And, now you might have got an idea about why they prefer the BEP20 token standard. Okay, let’s move to the next topic, how to create a BEP20 token? How to Create a BEP20 Token? You can build your BEP20 token in 5 steps, check it out below. Prepare an account for issuing tokens. Prepare & Deploy the BEP20 smart contract code. Finalize the token specifications (Mintable, pausable, & Burnable). Add tokens to Binance Smart Chain. Verify BEP20 contracts. These are the steps to create your BEP20 token. I know the steps are quite complicated, but if you reach out to a reliable crypto token development provider then you can simplify the work. But, it’s a tedious task to find a reliable token development provider. Because the marketplace is filled with a lot of crypto token development service providers. So, you will have to choose your crypto token development service provider by the following quality factors, Portfolio Years of Experience in the crypto field Technology stacks used Quality of the Smart Contract Ratings Budget-friendly cost Client's testimonials & many more These are some of the quality factors that you need to consider before choosing a crypto token service provider. Entrepreneurs like you don't have that much time to do the analysis. Not to worry, I'll help you to opt for the best crypto token development service provider. I did my research on the above-mentioned quality factors. As a result of my analysis, I came up with one fine solution, CoinsQueens. Yes, CoinsQueens is one of the professional Crypto Token Development Service Providers in the crypto market. Their smart contract developers are experts in creating crypto tokens. Also, their crypto token creation price is very budget-friendly, the price range starts from $ 3K, the price might be tentative depending upon your business needs. If you’re interested in doing business with them, then feel free to connect with their experts directly via., Whatsapp / Telegram @ +918754053377 Mail: sales@coinsqueens.com Skype: live:.cid.2c9e7bb84396db52 For a Quick Consultation, Check Here >>> BEP20 Token Development
  7. Many entrepreneurs have an idea of starting a crypto business but they don’t have the required funds for executing them. Here is where crowdfunding platforms come into play. Using various crowdfunding methods you can raise funds for your business. There are various crowdfunding methods like ICO, IEO, IDO, STO, ILO, and IFO. Based on your fundraising needs and resources you have, you can opt for any one of them. If you are willing to raise funds in a feasible way, I would advise you to go for ICO. Hmm, What is ICO? “ICO” stands for Initial Coin Offering. In ICO, the fundraisers create and issue crypto tokens to the investors in return for the funds that are being invested for the business. The tokens could be shares, utilities or security backed assets. Entrepreneurs, business owners, startups or even companies seeking to create a new coin, D-app, or service can launch an ICO to acquire the required funds. This is achieved only if the ICO dashboard and the business idea is quite impressive. Working on an innovative idea and opting for a feasible way to launch your ICO website is the secret recipe for your “ICO success”. As of today’s technology development, there are ready-made scripts for every crypto business requirement. There are ICO scripts too. Let us get started with the ICO scripts and how to acquire it? ICO script is a pre-designed & pre tested script that comprises all essential features like crypto tokens, Whitepaper, ICO website & many more. It helps to create your ICO dashboard with many advanced features. Features of a ICO script: Manage your Token sale easily with our ICO setup. Unlimited time slot can be set up for ICO Token distribution. Our Script offers maximum reliability and security of payment acceptance on the website. Integrate various Payment methods as per your business needs. Statistics of token sales and funds raised in the admin dashboard. Referral program and Affiliate configuration Set up unlimited referral levels Unique referral URL for each customer Supports Multi-Language Easy Deployment & customizable Unlimited number of ICO Lending packages to the website Sharing referral links via social platforms. To acquire all these perks, you need to work on finding the best ICO script provider. Indeed, finding the best ICO script provider will ensure your ICO victory. But, there are many ICO script providers in the market. Among them, CoinsQueens provides the best ICO script with all the advanced features and high end security options.They have 5+ years of experience and successfully completed 50+ projects for their worldwide clients. If you are interested in doing business with them, you can connect with their business experts via, Whatsapp : +91 87540 53377 Telegram: @coinsqueens Mail: mailto:sales@coinsqueens.com Get a free demo ICO script << check here
  8. An initial coin offering is the most efficient way to raise revenue in a short amount of time. These ICO tokens are distributed to investors, who will be rewarded over time. This unique strategy is used to take business platforms to new heights, and bringing this concept to your firm may be as simple as engaging a top-tier ICO Marketing Agency. Check: https://www.blockchainappfactory.com/ico-marketing-services
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