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Found 4 results

  1. The new age crowdfunding mechanism is the Initial Coin Offering. ICOs allow cryptocurrency-based projects to raise funds. These crypto projects can list their ICO on ICO trading platforms, where investors can buy tokens that benefit the crypto projects. Apart from having a potential project in hand for an ICO launch, it is critical to market your ICO in order for potential investors to notice it. So reach out to ICO Marketing Firm, to build the marketing aspects of your ICO business. Read More: https://medium.com/geekculture/ico-marketing-strategy-a-delving-dig-up-cfc5f0cf926d
  2. Startups having a potential crypto project alone is not enough to achieve their fundraising goals. Investors need to know about the ICO launch. In order to gain a wider reach, an effective ICO marketing strategy is required. An ICO marketing Agency will provide you with a 100% success-driven marketing plan to help you achieve your fundraising goals. Read More: https://www.turnkeytown.com/ico-marketing-services
  3. Nowadays crypto projects are generating more revenues for their business through fundraising methods. Especially ICO Projects attaining capital increasingly by reaching the investors for the fundraising. Due to the heavy crowd in this crypto industry, not every ICO project succeeds in recent times. So here comes the ICO Marketing Agency to fill the crucial marketing gap between the crypto project and investors. So the ICO Marketing Services Company can speak out for your ICO Project louder to potential investors and explains why they need to invest in your project. Continue Reading: https://www.postingtree.com/check-out-these-eye-catching-ico-marketing-plans/
  4. There is a wide range of business platforms in the world. Each and every business platform is trying excel in the digital space with incredible hope of getting investment at a high level. This investment revolution is led by the concept of initial coin offering. The initial coin offering is one of the first digital investment methods in the digital space. The initial coin offering is very similar to the initial public offering. For IPOs, the investment is provided to businesses in the form of investors buying shares of the company. The minor drawback of this method is that the investors will be owning a percentage of the company that is equivalent to the share that was bought. In terms of ICO, it is not the case, the ownership of the company is provided to the investors, instead, they are rewarded with ICO tokens. These ICO tokens are the native tokens of the crypto project; a small portion of the coins is given to the investors. The ICO tokens are the best thing right now in the digital space. The majority of the business platforms are using ICO token services to bring in a wide range of investment opportunities for the business platforms. The numbers in the digital space are very immense and this is a prime reason for business platforms to make use of the ICO marketing services that are provided by various marketing companies. The ICO marketing services will separate the crypto project from other projects and make it unique and stand out. Thus, it is a perfect solution for bringing in an expansive range of investors to the platform amidst the intense competition in the digital world.
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