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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Troops, Just seen announcement on Maiar DEX for new Metabonding projects, which is fantastic announcment! I have question maybe someone knows answer to, it regarding the snapshot for staked EGLD part, info is provided from the blog post https://elrond.com/blog/introducing-metabonding-community-building-for-web3-startups/ but one area seems to unclear will the snapshot for AirDrop be taken from only the Maiar App, or both Maiar APP and Elrond Wallet? All my staking of EGLD is only on Elrond Wallet and I know few others have been asking same thing. Any insight will be appreciated. Stevie Snowball
  2. This morning I have tried on both Wi-Fi and LTE (Chrome, No Battery Saver, Cleared Cookies/Cache, Restarted Maiar) but it now is occurring on the Harvest of the EGLD/MEX where I press Harvest, it asks to confirm in Maiar, I click Sign Transaction, but then it provides the transaction signed but does not actually Harvest on the mainnet. (I have screenshots) Will try to use Safari and restart my device and see if that does anything. Thanks Sever!! Edit : Attempted Safari and a reboot and had the exact experience (Wi-Fi & LTE) where screens populated and signed but did not actually trigger transaction. After reboot it actually didn’t even populate the confirmation for signing to Maiar. (Even tried Airplane Mode with Wi-Fi as I have seen other apps with bugs where this fixes, no luck) Appears that I am unable to perform Harvest on Chrome, Safari where signing transactions triggers the actual mainnet transaction. IOS Version : 15.1 iPhone 8 Plus Chrome : 97.0.4692.84 Sever I sent all screenshots of the process steps for Wi-Fi, and LTE to you in a Telegram private message so you can share with the team (also shot you a tweet in case there is a better way to relay information)
  3. Salut! De mai bine de-o saptamana aplicatia mergea destul de greu. Nu imi mai arata balance, nu puteam sa intru in sectiunea de cumparare, nu se mai conecta pe maiar exchange decat daca foloseam un alt device si scanam QR code etc. M-am decis sa dezinistalez si sa reinstalez aplicatia (specific cam un samsung), dar dupa ce am trecut de pasul cu fraza secreta, la codul de confirmare se blocheaza si imi apare eroarea din titlu. Am incercat sa ma loghez si pe un alt telefon dar aceeasi eroare. Din fericire a mers sa imi setez extensia defi wallet ca sa pot verifica farmurile. Ma puteti ajuta cu aceasta problema? Fac eu ceva gresit sau e o problema cu account-ul meu? Ma ingrijorez dearece nu a mers pe nici unul din telefoane. Multumesc!
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