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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Maiar Exchange team, Here is my UseCase on the Web variant of MaiarExchange. 1. I have harvested the MEX from staking. https://explorer.elrond.com/transactions/39663143a6c4899420c84c5be170176ccb4fdad364a513da38a6c358393af316 2. With the harvested MEX(and the corresponding EGLD ), I wanted to create MEX/EGLD LP token , and add that to my already existing staked EGLD-MEX in the farm. So I went into the Add Liquidity screen, I entered my newly harvested MEX, then the system auto-allocated to needed EGLD(which were available in my wallet) - I have selected 0.5% for slippage, - I have authorized/signed the transaction, and here are the 2 transactions on the chain https://explorer.elrond.com/transactions/3ec50e03f855f202e0a2ddf11a7f23a81e687b5d601fc9c2a363d6ee5b28aa27 https://explorer.elrond.com/transactions/476f301ceb44b8383a359af7fe49865ed548c9934d5bd410dca23329b3047f62 The problem is, that I never got my LP Token, and nor have I got my funds back(if the transactions was rolled-back due to the selected slippage) So, I don't know where are my 0.06 EGLD and my 24934 MEX. Could you please investigate and let me know what happended? Thank you,
  2. Hello, Since the update 01/12 - 20:30 UTC, all my operation in the Maiar DEX lead to a time out Removing farm stake - Harvesting reward. What can I do? Thanks for your help, EdY
  3. Description of the issue: EGLDUSDCF-8600f8-aa23 LP token count in Wallet not corresponding at EGLDUSDCF-8600f8-aa23 stacked on Maiar Exchange. I am surprised to find that the value injected into the pool yesterday when EGLD was at $340 is lower than the current value in my possession while EGLD has risen to $390. Total value in the pool yesterday : $6,263, today : $5,870... Looking at my wallet balance, I see that the balance of EGLDUSDCF-8600f8-aa23 (Staked EGLDUSDCF for locked MEX) is different from the one displayed on Maiar Exchange. - Balance via WebWallet: 792981964 (18digits) - Balance via Maiar Exchange: 396400000 (18 digits) The difference is 396581964 (18digits). Where did these tokens go? { attributes: "xxx" balance: "792981964" collection: "EGLDUSDCF-8600f8" creator: "erd1qqqqqqqqqqqqqpgqsw9pssy8rchjeyfh8jfafvl3ynum0p9k2jps6lwewp" decimals: 18 identifier: "EGLDUSDCF-8600f8-aa23" isWhitelistedStorage: false name: "EGLDUSDCLPStaked" nonce: 43555 ticker: "EGLDUSDCF" type: "MetaESDT" } On Maiar Exchange : EGLD-USDC LP Staked: 0.0000000003964 (≈ $844.10) Steps to Reproduce : I don't know how to reproduce. Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): LP Token amount is not correct (loosed token ?) Expected Result: The correct amount of token should be staked in Maiar Exchange Reproduces how often: I don't know Maiar Version (See the About Maiar page in the Settings menu): Maiar Exchange Build c854a3a Reproducible on current live release (yes/no): i don't know Additional information: OS: Mac OS | Browser: chrome | Version: 95.0.4638
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