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Found 5 results

  1. World-First Cricket NFT drop is scheduled to be traded over the jump.trade marketplace. You can Buy Your Cricket NFTs and own a legacy in the metaverse cricket league and can be a legend on the flow. The NFTs that will be available for an open auction will be of those players from the Digital World Game.
  2. People have never had to wait for NFT to branch out into other fields. Cricket is the subject of the most recent NFTs. The Metaverse Cricket League will be contested this year, and Jump Trade has designed a special drop for it. On the other side, the league champions will be generously rewarded.
  3. The NFT Platform like Nifty Gateway is a curated platform that focuses on high-quality offerings and is built with advanced functionalities for a better user experience. Also, most of the names attached to the art pieces are already well-known in the community. In the end, Nifty Gateway aspires to be something akin to a contemporary art dealer.
  4. At Hivelance technologies, we are providing a software script for developing crypto exchanges, Blockchain and fintech applications. Our well experienced developer team in Hivelance have the capability in cryptocurrency coin development, Dapps and smart contracts design, NFT marketplace development, DeFi stalking development, smart contract services,NFT gaming application development and blockchain e-commerce marketplace development. These are the services offered by Hivelance in cutting edge accuracy. Hivelance Technologies is a Pioneer NFT Marketplace Development Company with a strong expertise in developing decentralised applications. Our important objective is to develop a NFT Marketplace where our client can arrange bids and trade assets upheld by non-fungible tokens. Our coders team has a lot of experience in developing a white label NFT marketplace for Games, Digital collectibles, Artworks and Music. Learn more about our services here.
  5. In This Blog You Will Understand Why Marketing Your NFT Collectible Is The Ideal Choice To Gain Instant Profit And Gain In The Massive Crypto Market.
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