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  1. The emergence of cryptocurrencies has led to the demand for crypto exchange platforms in a decentralized network. Remitano is one of the leading P2P Cryptocurrency exchange platforms which helps crypto aspirants to exchange their crypto assets directly with the buyers without the involvement of any mediator. The ready-to-go Remitano clone script helps to develop your own p2p crypto exchange platform like Remitano. Remitano clone is designed with all the end-to-end functionalities to provide the users with a seamless trading experience. It ensures to provide utmost security like escrow powered trading service, CSRF Protection, Anti-phishing software, etc. The transactions are carried out rapidly without any delay and have a very low transaction fee compared to other crypto exchange platforms in the marketplace. In addition to that, it is built with the bitcoin storage policy which secures the bitcoin transactions from any phishing attacks. Launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform like Remitano with the Remitano Clone Script and earn lavish income.
  2. LocalBitcoins is the P2P Crypto Exchange that helps to buy sell local currencies to bitcoins without the involvement of any mediator. Launch your own P2P Crypto Exchange website like LocalBitcoins with the ready-to-go LocalBitcoins Clone Script. Maticz The Prominent Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company develops the finest LocalBitcoins Clone Script as per your business requirements. Our LocalBitcoins Clone comprises all the indispensable security features that protect the exchange platform from phishing attacks. The security features of LocalBitcoins Clone are listed below, Escrow-based Security Two-factor Authentication Anti-DDOS Protection Inclusion of Soft & Hard Wallets Enhanced Dispute Management Login Guard CSRF Protection Build Your Own P2P Crypto Exchange website instantly with our bestselling LocalBitcoins Clone and earn millions.
  3. Cryptocurrency exchange script is used to build your highly secured & robust cryptocurrency exchange instantly. It offers high liquidity, Ultra secure admin panel, Hot & Cold wallet, Mobile apps, Orderbook, Escrow based wallet service, Advanced tech stack, White label solution & 24/7 Support. White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development In the digital era, blockchain technology has paved the way for cryptocurrency with the decentralized method of exchanging value. Cryptocurrencies are most widely used by businesses and today, investing in crypto exchange platforms enables the cryptocurrency users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at ease and become a part of the digital currency revolution. We provide cryptocurrency exchange software to facilitate the secure and faster transactions. We are a competent blockchain team having experience in building customizable cryptocurrency exchange platform with groundbreaking features and advanced security that enables seamless transaction. Our scalable cryptocurrency exchange solutions are designed to help our clients in saving time and unnecessary costs. Key Features of our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Stunning user interface Orderbook with Powerful trade matching engine Margin trading & lending Unlimited cryptocurrency support Liquidity management Multi currency pairing Escrow services Multi language support P2P Exchange option Supports mobile app (Both android & iOS) KYC & AML Mind blowing transactions per second IEO integrated module with IEO Launchpad Security Features of our Cryptocurrency Exchange HTTPS Authentication Encrypted Data Escrow Security System Server Side Request Forgery Protection (SSRF) Cross Site Request Forgery Protection (CSRF) Secure Wallet Storage SSL Encryption Two Factor Authentication Anti Denial of Service (DDoS) Jail Login SQL Injection Prevention Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development We are a leading cryptocurrency app development company & we have a dedicated team of mobile app developers who can build a Cryptocurrency exchange app with a advanced UI/UX design, trade interface & powerful upgraded security to improve the scalability of our product. Superfine features of our cryptocurrency exchange app Attractive Design Interface Secure Mobile Wallet Multi Language Support Fingerprint/Face ID Two Factor Authentication Instant Notification System OUR CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Requirement & Information gathering Planning & Analysis Design Development Integration Testing Deployment Exchange Delivery Product Maintainance
  4. Many crypto entrepreneurs prefer peer-to-peer crypto exchange businesses. Because it has no middlemen and is also user-friendly. It has more beneficial factors compared to others. But starting a peer-to-peer crypto exchange business is not an easy task. Developing an exchange from scratch takes more resources and investment. It takes a year to complete and start your crypto business. But, you can start your peer-to-peer crypto exchange business with a clone script instantly. Peer to peer crypto exchange clone script A peer-to-peer crypto exchange clone script is a predesigned, bug-free, and secure clone script. It has all the features and high-end security options. It is fully customizable so that you can modify it as per your business requirement. With a p2p crypto exchange script, you can start your crypto exchange business in a budget-friendly manner. However, If you use the peer-to-peer crypto exchange clone script you will have some business benefits. Benefits of getting a p2p crypto exchange script Budget-friendly: Compared to other methods, getting a P2P cryptocurrency exchange script requires less investment. Time: Takes very less time, and you can launch your exchange instantly. Customization: Depending upon your business requirements you can customize your exchange. Beta test: Beta test ensures your exchange’s success. Features: A p2p exchange script comprises all essential and advanced features. Security: Exchange script is a risk-free way, you don’t have to worry about hacks. With all these benefits, Starting a crypto exchange business with a peer-to-peer clone script will make your business more profitable. But, finding an opt clone script for your business is a tedious task. Because, when you plan to start an exchange business, you have various expectations on security and advanced features. To fulfil all your expectations you need to find an opt clone script provider. There are many clone script providers available in the market. but before choosing a clone script you need to verify various factors like Portfolio, ratings, reviews, quality of the script, years of experience they have, and many more. As per my research, CoinsQueens is one of the leading clone script providers in the market. They provide best in class clone script with built-in features and a customizable option. With this option, you can customize your clone script as per your requirement. They provide bug-free clone scripts with high-end security features at an affordable price. They helped many entrepreneurs to start a crypto exchange with their clone script. They have 5+ years of experience and completed 50+ projects around the world. If you are interested, get in touch with their Blockchain experts via, Whatsapp : +91 87540 53377 Telegram: @coinsqueens Mail: mailto:sales@coinsqueens.com Get a free demo of their p2p crypto exchange script << here
  5. Being an entrepreneur with a strong will to establish their identity in the newly emerged sector ~ Crypto Industry, the first thing they’d be likely to think of is to initiate a crypto exchange business of their own. Initiating it is well and good. But, gaining a handful of loyal customers is the most tricky part of the business. Likely, only by offering a seamless and a high-secure user experience among the crypto users will gain a huge trust in your crypto exchange, which automatically compounds the customer volume for your business in the upcoming time period. The P2P crypto exchange would be the better choice for this. For offering this high-secure experience for your customers, adopting this ESCROW feature would be highly helpful for you. First, get to know what an ESCROW is and its effect while integrating it with your exchange. ESCROW is one of the top-security features which shall be integrated with a P2P crypto exchange to enhance the security of that particular crypto exchange. Let me open up it for you in detail, After completing the initial set-up process for trading/investing, the user will be all set for the purchase of the cryptocurrencies he/she would like to. 1. Initially, the user/buyer will be looking into the various advertisements listed on the exchange by the sellers and then the relevant advertisement would be pulling the users’ interest towards it. 2. If the advertisement of the user's requirement matches, the buyer would be proceeding further to make a successful purchase of the crypto. 3. The buyer makes the payment equivalent to the cryptocurrency he/she would like to buy, via various modes of payment that are available in the exchange. 4. After making a successful payment, the buyer would be intimating the seller with the alert notification, whereas the seller will be notified. 5. At this certain, the seller will be transacting the equivalent amount of cryptocurrency to the buyer. All this fiat money and cryptocurrency will be held under a medium. This is where the ESCROW comes in. Only after these successful transactions, the exchange of the money to the seller and the crypto to the buyer will be executed by this ESCROW service. If any malfunction or any kind of error occurs in the middle of the transaction, the exchange of these crypto and fiat money will be held. And an issue will be raised and then the admin will be looking after it. This is how this ESCROW contributes its major role to this P2P crypto exchange. Enabling this service will be highly beneficial for your business, attracting more users to your crypto exchange in terms of the security provided to your users. After getting to know this, with a great business plan in your mind, all you have to be aware is how to develop a P2P crypto exchange effectively. Being an entrepreneur, you would probably know that a crypto exchange script is the most effective way for initiating a crypto exchange. Likewise, having a wide knowledge of this P2P crypto exchange script and its role in your P2P crypto exchange development process will be an added advantage for you to run your crypto exchange business successfully.
  6. Paxful clone script is the readily available peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange script that helps to create a P2P Crypto exchange like Paxful. Paxful helps to buy and sell digital currencies and make transactions beyond borders. Currently, Paxful has 6 million active users and it is still increasing because of its remunerative benefits. Paxful enables 350 payment options and the top payment methods are IMPS Transfer, Google pay, PhonePe. Ready to become a bitcoin vendor in the crypto space? Then Maticz, the best P2P crypto Exchange Development Company Develops a best-of-class Paxful Clone Script with end-to-end efficacy. Our highly proficient experts at Maticz help you to build the finest Paxful clone and provide 100% customer support. We offer white label solutions and hence it is easy to customize as per your business needs. Launch your P2P Crypto Exchange Script and make more profits.
  7. P2P Crypto Exchange is the straightforward way to sell and buy your digital assets without any central party. Paxful is the leading Peer-to-peer crypto exchange that exchanges your digital cryptos safe and securely. The recent update of Paxfuls Gift Card Hub has attracted many Paxful users and it has seen a huge trading volume. Paxful Clone script is the readily available P2P Crypto exchange that helps to launch a P2P cryptocurrency exchange like Paxful. Paxful clone script is a replica of Paxful which functions similarly to it. Paxful clone script enables fast transactions with multiple payment options. It also comes with an interconnected digital wallet to store and secure bitcoin with 0% commission fees. Paxful enables advertisement options where you can advertise and trade your digital currencies. Paxful Clone script the readily available solution helps you to launch a similar P2P Crypto Exchange like Paxful. Maticz, the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company delivers the best-in-class white label paxful clone script. Our Paxful Clone Script is designed with the utmost security and lucrative features which offers the users a seamless trading experience.
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