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Found 3 results

  1. Legally Make Huge Capital for Your business From International Accredited Investors Through STO & Get more traction in the market by offering STO Development Services.We provide services such as landing page optimization, an exclusive dashboard for campaign management, secured token storage, and speedy payment processing. What is Security Token Offering (STO) ? STO - Security token offering that make your business more reliable and flexible with its prime attributes. These security tokens are blockchain powered crypto tokens that encloses tangible and tradable assets such as business shares, dividends, land, gold and so on, to raise fund from accredited investors all over the world. As these tokens are subjected to legal regulation, it gives more credibility and security to raise fund for your business from internationally accredited investors. We are the market leaders in Blockchain Technology. Our expert team has extensive experience in developing cryptocurrency, be it utility or security tokens that have helped numerous organizations achieve their goals. Based upon the distributed ledger technology, we built cutting-edge state-of-the-art security token issuance platform. Features of our Security Token Offerings KYC Automation/Accredited Investor Verification Programmable Equity Increase in Liquidity Secured Token Offering Services Automated SEC Secure Wallet Global Capital Investment Greater Market Efficiency No Intermediaries Customized Blockchain Superfine Benefits of our Security Token Development Automated Dividends Greater Compliance Profit Sharing Rights Voting Rights Higher Cash Flow Cost-Effective Robust & Scalable No Intermediaries Holdings in Other Fund Contact Us: Whatsapp - +91 6382666921 Mail Id - info@thecryptoape.com Skype - live:.cid.db88e54a1bc4244c Telegram - https://telegram.me/Thecryptoape Website - www.thecryptoape.com
  2. Many entrepreneurs know crypto crowdfunding is one of the popular fundraising models. Speaking of crypto crowdfunding, STO is a well-known & secured crowd fundraising platform. Because, the ICO venture capital model has some real-world complexities & there is no regulation. Security Token Offering(STO) overcomes this drawback and it is completely regulated by SEC(Securities and Exchange Commission) so it’s very secure for investors' funds. This allows only legit entrepreneurs or companies to raise their crowdfunding through STO. That is the reason why the business people are interested in starting their STO platform. Are you interested in launching a STO platform, here i can guide you to launch your STO platform efficiently. Let’s move on to the topic. How to launch a STO Platform??? For launching a STO platform you need a STO website dashboard, crypto token & wallet. If you’re getting these individually the cost is very high. It is best consider a STO script/software that will help you get all these in a package at a reasonable cost with stunning business benefits. Benefits of STO Script: Custom Crypto Token Creation Asset backed Tokenization Whitepaper Creation Crypto Wallet creation Quick deployment Cost-effective Customised STO dashboard & many more. These are some of the business benefits of STO script, also you need to know what are the important features of your STO script. Here they, Importance Features of STO Script: Integration of Smart Contract KYC /AML Integration Various modes of Payment (Crypto & Fiat) Automatic Token Departure Admin & Investor dashboard Advanced STO Analytics STO Website Integration Token Issuance Portal Enhanced Mobile Friendly Website Fund Management Dashboard Referral bonus Stakeholder registry & more. The above mentioned features are very essential for your STO platform. By using the features you can run STO platform successfully & hassle free manner. So, getting the rich featured filled STO script is an important thing. But finding such a STO script/software provider is not an easy task. The reason is the market has only few prominent STO script/software provider offer their services in a complete package models at a budget-friendly model. One such promising & most trustable STO script/software provider is CoinsQueens. Yes, CoinsQueens is a renowned STO script provider in the crypto community. Their STO script comes with a complete STO package (STO website dashboard, crypto token & wallet). And, they’ve handful of skilled and experienced blockchain developers, so they can customize your STO software platform as per your business needs. Also, their prime focus is client satisfaction and so their script/softwares are bug-free, secure, & encrypted with latest features at a budget-friendly price. So, that they’ve clients from all over the globe. If you’re interested in doing business with them / get a free consultation, connect with their business experts directly via, WhatsApp: +91 8754053377 Telegram: Coinsqueens Mail ID: sales@coinsqueens.com Skype: live:.cid.2c9e7bb84396db52 Also, you can check to their free demo check here >>> STO Script
  3. Attract retail and institutional investors across the world by kickstarting security token offering development. AppDupe provides a range of services like creation, landing page optimization, organizing marketing campaigns, preparation of whitepapers, setting up dashboards, conducting KYC and AML verification, and legal compliance. Want to be a popular cryptopreneur? Disclose your business goals with our team now. Checkout: https://www.appdupe.com/security-token-offering-development
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