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LK MEX staking farm split into two pools

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Hi Troops,

I have a question regarding Maiar DEX which I cannot find reasoning or information with Maiar DEX FAQ and user-guide or searching Google. 

I have been reinvesting my LK MEX staking farm and compounding rewards since day1 including from EGLD/MEX and EGLD/USDC farms into single LK MEX farm, this strategy has been working fine until recently for my LK MEX Farm, but for some unknown reason has now split into two LK MEX pools, I would like to know why as it’s the same farm type LK MEX? 

From the main farm I reinvest no problem to increase my holdings, but for the second smaller farm that was created roughly a few weeks ago with no special action from my side any harvested rewards from other pools EGLD/MEX and EGLD/USDC farms are now are only adding to the second LK MEX farm. 

I am in favour of holding MEX for long-haul supporting the project therefore I would like to know why can’t I have just the one LK MEX farm, now have double gas fees when performing LK-MEX reinvest-all.

Is there any way to merge into one LK MEX pool?


LK MEX Farm.jpg

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Hi Troops,

If anyone experiences same issue, I have solution with feedback from Elrond team, brief insight why this has happened. Way to difficult to explain the mechanism of how the blockchain works way to complicated!

If you LKMEX farm has two separate token id's like appeared on mines. Intro the LKMEX that is generated before the 15th of the month (1st-15th) has a different id that the one that is generated after the 15th of the month(15th-30th/31st). A step to avoid creating an additional farm is to create the farms in the same half of the month, therefore I withdrew both LFMEX farms and then re-staked all now its one single LKMEX farm again compounding away nicely.

From now on, I will only farm from my EGLD/MEX and EGLD/USDC farms in first half of month and stake them into LKMEX farm to ensure this doesn't happen again, FYI is ok to perform LKMEX reinvest anytime during the month on LKMEX farm as its linked. Only need to pay attention to other farms.

Hope this is helpful.:classic_cool:

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