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Crypto Business that makes you a Billionaire (Part-3)


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May hay while the sunshine!!

This New year gonna give a big success feast for your business. Here we are done with part1 & part2 of Crypto business ideas. Now the high time to know the next one.

Token Development is a hot topic among entrepreneurs in all corners of the world. You can develop your own Crypto token in any desired network. In addition to that, investors use BSC Network comparatively with other networks.

Tokens developed over the Binance Smart Chain are rightly sought by the Crypto aspirants due to their Token Cap history, Token Minting modes, Proprietorship, and accessibility modes. BSC Chain token development offers the benefits of Extendibility, Token Interoperability, Provision for rapid updates, considerations towards crowdfunding, and fundraising activities.

For this reason, Every one prefer Binance Smart Chain to create their own tokens.

Want to create your own token? You are the way to killing success. Before that choose a trustworthy Token Developers to create your token with all the indispensable features. We Maticz, the best Token development company on the top of the industries for creating BEP20 Token Development, TRC20 Token Development, ERC20 Token Development. We also offer Pancakeswap Clone Script, Binance Clone Script, NFT Development Services, NFT Marketplace on BSC, IDO Development, BSC Smart Contract Development, NFT Smart Contract Development.

Why do you still have a mess to choose the Crypto Business. With this in mind, Let’s start the new year with new things. Hope this article will push you on the right path to enter in the Crypto industry. Stay connected with us for more business ideas will engage with you soon in part-4.

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Every entrepreneur & startup knows - Crypto/ Blockchain technology is revolutionizing business operations, but which crypto/blockchain business ideas are practical in the real world? Here is the list of best crypto/blockchain business ideas,

  1. Crypto Payment Gateway Business,

  2. Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform,

  3. Crypto Loan,

  4. Launch a Digital Wallet,

  5. Crowdfund With Crypto,

  6. NFT

These are some of the ongoing & trending crypto opportunities in the current space. Speaking of these business opportunities, one business idea attracts many business enthusiasts & startups, That is - the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. Yes, Cryptocurrency Exchange is one of the profitable & best revenue-generating business models. Here I've presented some live examples,

Binance - has generated $20 billion of revenue last year from their exchange platform

Coinbase - generated 1.14 billion USD in the year 2020

Paxful - Apporoxmately, they’ve generated revenue of $54.3M per year

Now you got an idea, why an entrepreneur or a budding startup is willing to start an own crypto exchange platform. I can you sense your thoughts, if you’re an entrepreneur or a startup you’re also interested in starting their crypto exchange platform, but don’t know how to do it? No worries, I will be you. You can start your crypto exchange platform by following these 10 steps.

10 Simple Steps to Start a Crypto Exchange:

  1. Do some market research

  2. Determine the operational region for starting a crypto exchange business

  3. Choose the type of crypto exchange

  4. Design the architecture of the exchange

  5. Hire a legal team of counselors.

  6. Identify the best cryptocurrency exchange script, provider

  7. Partnership with the leading payment processor

  8. Ensure to have strong security features

  9. Do beta testing

  10. Have a customer support channel

If you follow these simple steps, you can easily launch your exchange platform.

I hope the above information is useful for you.

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