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Maiar v.0.2.116 (Private Beta) for Android

Lucian Todea

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Maiar v.0.2.116 (Private Beta) for Android

Please note that this is one of the first Maiar's releases and that Maiar uses for all crypto assets their corresponding Testnet, so Mainnet (real) tokens should NOT be transferred using Maiar in this phase. This also means that things may not be perfect and will improve with your feedback and support.

IMPORTANTPlease perform a clean install: delete app and install again. This version of Maiar is running on Elrond public devnet.  It means all herotags and XeGLD balances were reseted. You can request testnet XeGLD from Settings.

Where to download: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.elrond.maiar.wallet (you will need an invite code)

New features:

  • Add avatar
  • Add profile screen
  • Add level indicator based on user's points
  • Add the option to set a periodic goal
  • Add the option to invite users to use the app
  • Add overview for referral rewards
  • Add referral rewards calculator
  • Receive stickers based on user experience
  • Join Maiar with a referral code


  • Add testnet warning in vault
  • Add growth and supply caching
  • Add PIN time limit
  • Add pull-to-refresh to Vault
  • Updated the onboarding flow to make it more secure
  • Some actions are blocked (create herotag, deposit, buy, upload avatar) when account activation is pending or failed


  • Fix extra address in contact details
  • Fix ETH transaction mapping
  • Fix icon color for onboarding screen
  • Fix Vault cards animation
  • Fix Vault cards scrolling
  • Fix Google drive issues
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  • Lucian Todea changed the title to Maiar v.0.2.116 (Private Beta) for Android

Salutare nariune!

Felicitari pentru brandul de tara creat ¤ 🇷🇴!!! 👏👏👏

Am mutat câștigător prin decembrie aici și dețin un volum frumușel pe care l-aș pune în circulație tot prin voi.

Care sunt conditiile de indeplinit pentru a primii o invitatie.

Cu recunoștință pentru munca depusă, mă înclin - al vostru CryptoDacul Andrei



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