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Maiar v.1.0.1(10) (Private Beta) for iOS

Lucian Todea

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Maiar v.1.0.1(10) (Private Beta) for iOS

Please note that this is one of the first Maiar's releases and that Maiar uses for all crypto assets their corresponding Testnet, so Mainnet (real) tokens should NOT be transferred using Maiar in this phase. This also means that things may not be perfect and will improve with your feedback and support.

IMPORTANT: Please perform a clean install: delete app and install again. Create a new account as herotags were changed. This version of Maiar is running on Elrond public Devnet. You can request testnet XeGLD from Settings.

Where to download: https://testflight.apple.com/join/BRfJXsQM (you will need an invite code)

New Features:

  • Update main Elrond button to include more actions
  • As an user I want to have an easy way to see my addresses
  • Improve API authentication
  • Update herotag min/max length requirements. Add .elrond as a top level domain
  • Update referral code flow on onboarding. Add the option to delete a referral code
  • Improve SMS confirmation flow. Add the option to receive a call instead
  • Update contact details screen UI
  • Create new account with same phone number, when the preivous one did not have a backup
  • Add the option to mark phone number and herotag as private for other Maiar Users

Bug fixes and Improvements :

  • Level indicator is not centered on the profile screen
  • Fix contacts matching when the user has more phone numbers
  • Improve contacts fetching and matching with Maiar backend
  • Update color matching on contacts
  • Improve herotag validation messages
  • Request push notification authorization only after onboarding is completed
  • Improve push notification registration with server
  • Improve API calls
  • Crash when camera access is not allowed
  • Scan QR Code and tap random -> get error “Camera not supported”
  • Api calls improvements
  • When searching herotag the first item above the keyboard is not tapable, or it appears and dissapears
  • Add feedback on the pin screen buttons

Known issues:

  • App might crash when receiving a push notification for self transactions
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