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Will it be possible to delete an account or reset phone number? I think I fucked up... I created a new wallet with my phone number, but I should import my wallet. So right now I have a wallet which I can't deposit my tokens on... and I can't import the other one because my phone number is associated to the bad wallet😭

*Sorry english isn't perfect, I'm doing my best

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I did the same: Created the new wallet and then delete the apps. After that reinstall te apps with option to import with the phrase... after receiving the sms the message was:

Phone number do not match with imported wallet

Could sombebody help me pls ?


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but how access to Maiar setting to unlink the phone number if we have already delete the account? I believed to uninstall reinstall the app permitted  me to use the good account. Same error as previous posts...

Thanks in advance for your support.



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hi, please can you help,


i just made account to stake and get the invitation bonus then i realised i forgot to add the referral code so i went back to account creation but i cant make a new account and  and i lost my  old wallet..


please can you advise on what to do? how can i create new wallet linked my phone number if its already  linked to the old wallet?  or how to get back to my old wallet and add the referral code??


please can you redirect me or advise many thanks 



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Same issue here.

I have the good wallet on web, but i can't manage it on  maiar with my phone because i installed and deleted a old wallet in the past and i haven't the phrase .

We need the "unlink" option BEFORE the "create/import"


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Posted (edited)
On 2/24/2021 at 2:15 AM, Lucian Todea said:

We have added the unlink option in Settings, so now you can unlink a wallet from a phone number.

We cant access this option if we cannot sign in to the wallet...!

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Same issue as everyone else. I deleted and restored Maiar wallet and now it says phone number is invalid. I can’t log in to unlink the old number now so the Maiar wallet is unusable.  Please find a solution or create another method of creating a new account on the same phone.

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